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Vote for Bex – TODAY!


Morning Bexicans,

Great news: You get a chance to vote for Bex — TWICE!

This is the last chance to vote for Bex to receive two of Canadagraph’s 2014 Best of TV Awards:

  1. Best Youth Actress
  2. Best Recurring Actress (Arrow)

It only takes a minute to click on the link below (iPhones and iPads do not work. Sorry, you’ll have to use your computer!), scroll down until you see Bex’s name under the 2 awards she has been nominated for, click on the circle beside her name and hit the VOTE button. Simple!

Remember to vote for both awards.

THEN, when you’re done, please share! Now that Bex is 20, it’s her last chance to win the “Best Youth Actress” award — wouldn’t that be a fun way to usher in her 3rd decade!?

Here are a couple of ways to make sharing simple:

SAMPLE Facebook Post:

Cast Your Vote For Bex!
Bex Taylor-Klaus is up for TWO awards – Best Recurring Actress and the Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward from @CanadaGraphs
The time to vote is NOW … then spread the word! http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html


Vote for @IBexWeBex for Best Recurring Actress & Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward Spread the word! @canadagraphs2 http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html

Go TeamBex!

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TV Guide Notes Bex’s “Fast-Rising Career”


Hi y’all,

Here’s a fun one! At the end of his ‘Ask Matt’ column, TVGuide.com’s Matt Roush acknowledges Bex’s ‘fast-rising career’…

QuestionMy question is about the girl who plays Sara and Roy’s friend on Arrow. Is she the same girl that played the homeless runaway on The Killing who kept bugging Holder, because I think they look alike. Either way, can you tell me the girl’s name. —Kim

Matt RoushYes, it’s the same young actress. Bex Taylor-Klaus, so memorable as the ill-fated Bullet on The Killing, is currently playing Sin on Arrow and can also be seen in the third season of Showtime’s House of Lies. This is what you’d call a fast-rising career.

You can check out the full article at: TVGguide.com/News/Ask-Matt-Reboots-Finales-Binge-Nashville-Law-Order-SVU-1079067.aspx

Bex is currently in Vancouver filming episode 220 (season 2, episode 20) of Arrow, so we’ll have to wait to see her on CW for a while.

And if you’ve been trying to follow her on Showtime on House of Lies, and aren’t sure when she’s on, she’s already been in episodes 302, 303, 304, and 307. She’ll be on next week in episode 309. We’ll keep you posted after that!

That’s all for now — keep sourcing good stuff for Pilot Season!

Arrow Season 2 Starts Tonight (and an update)!


Hi everyone,

Arrow Season 2 airs tonight on The CW Network at 8:00 EST!  Bex is playing the character of Sin, who will appear in episode 3, which will air on October 23. If you haven’t caught up on season 1, they did  a 1 hour recap last week — it’s probably streamable.

Bex - Sin in Cast chair on Arrow set 2013.08.19

We know we’ve been a bit slack in keeping everyone up to date — life’s been pretty busy. But here’s the quick update:

  • This summer, after booking the Recurring Guest role of Sin on Arrow, Bex appeared in The Hollywood Reporter as The Next Big Thing to watch.

Bex - Next Big Thing

  • Then, after a few days of down time, she got a puppy — and Bullet lives on in the body of an adorable little black rescue dog.

Instagram with Bullet

  • Shortly afterward, Bex booked the role of Lex on House of Lies, another Recurring Guest role (and definitely not a family show!).

House Of Lies - premiere bug

So she’s a busy gal, this Fall, back and forth between gigs in Vancouver and LA. She’s gotten to work with Don Chaedle and so many other fabulous actors on both shows. She’s truly living her dream, following her bliss … and loving life.

Stay tuned!

It’s Official – Bex Is Playing ‘Sin’ on CW’s ‘Arrow’


The word is officially out … so now we can share!


The Arrow - Season 2

Sin-sational Scoop: Bex Taylor-Klaus Cast on Arrow Season 2
by Matt Richenthal
TV Fanatic
August 15th, 2013

Fresh off an eerie stint on The Killing, Bex Taylor-Klaus has been cast on Arrow Season 2.

The young actress will portray the DC character of Sin on Episodes 3 and 4 this fall, an individual known to fans of the comic book as having connections with both The Black Canary (she’s actually her adopted daughter in the comic mythology) and Roy Harper.


Bex Taylor-Klaus will play Sin on the second season of “Arrow”
by Trish Bendix
August 15, 2013

The Killing star Bex Taylor-Klaus has been added to the cast of The CW’s superhero series Arrow. The Hollywood Reporter says she’ll show up  “in the third and fourth episodes” of the second season, airing this fall. Bex will play DC Comics character Sin, who the Reporter notes is “a wayward youth who is befriended by the Black Canary and has a connection with fellow street urchin, Roy Harper (Colton Haynes).”

Sin first appeared in the comic Birds of Prey in 1999 and she becomes a martial arts master of sorts, which means Bex could have some training ahead of her. Bex posted a photo of her and Colton on her Instagram yesterday.

Abercrombie and Cinderella

And Colton Instagrammed a photo of the two on set. If this is any indication of Sin’s look for the show, I approve.

Look who I get to work with!

Sin, as far as I’m aware, is a straight character, so it’s likely we won’t be saying Bex playing gay again like she was on The Killing. However she will likely have a close relationship with Dinah Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy, who played bisexual on the Melrose Place reboot.)


Arrow‘s second season premieres on October 2 on the CW.


THE KILLING’S Bex Taylor-Klaus Snapped On ARROW Set
By Mark Julian

Bex Taylor-Klaus Snapped On ARROW Set

Bex Taylor-Klaus who plays Bullet on AMC’s The Killing, was snapped on the set of The CW’s Arrow, filming scenes with Roy Harper actor Colton Haynes. Will Willa Holland’s Thea have a romantic rival in Arrow season 2?

Perhaps Oliver (Stephen Amell), won’t be the only lead male on the show having great luck with the ladies? Set photos of newcomer Bex Taylor-Klaus, who’s turning heads on AMC’s The Killing, imply that her character will be introduced onto Arrow through Roy Harper. Do these two know one another or have they just met?

In the scene they filmed together, “Colton chases Bex across a used car dealership and she gets away from him”. If she’s meant to be a love rival for Thea, is she playing a punk-version of Cheshire? Then again, considering that was my first thought and the way Arrow’s showrunners like to play with fan expectations, she’s probably not Cheshire…probably.


Arrow Scoop: Breakout Killing Co-Star Commits to ‘Sin’-ful Season 2 Arc
Michael Ausiello

Faster than a speeding bullet, up-and-comer Bex Taylor-Klaus — the breakout star of The Killing‘s just-wrapped third season — has landed another Sin-sesational gig.

The actress is joining Arrow‘s second season playing the DC Comics character ofSin, TVLine has confirmed.Described as a wayward youth, Sin is befriended by the Black Canary and has a connection with fellow street urchin, Roy Harper.

She’s set to appear in Season 2′s third and fourth episode.

Taylor-Klaus garnered rave reviews for her role as troubled teen Bullet on AMC’s resurgent whodunit drama.

Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 9.


‘Arrow’ Recruits ‘The Killing’ Star for Season 2
by Philiana Ng, Lesley Goldberg
Hollywood Reporter

Bex Taylor-Klaus, best known as Bullet on the AMC drama, has joined in a recurring capacity.

Arrow is adding another DC Comics character to its arsenal.

Bex Taylor-Klaus, best known for her arc on The Killing as Bullet, has been cast as Sin, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. She will appear in the third and fourth episodes of The CW drama’s upcoming second season.

Sin, who first appeared in a 1999 issue of the Birds of Preyseries, is described as a wayward youth who is befriended by the Black Canary and has a connection with fellow street urchin, Roy Harper (Colton Haynes).

At Comic-Con, producers revealed that a slew of new characters would be introduced: Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro), Black Canary and Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White). A sizzle reel featured a new actress playing Black Canary, a departure from the trajectory prescribed in the comic books for Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance — but executive producer Andrew Kreisberg indicated it was by design.

“The first Green Arrow we saw wasn’t Oliver; chronologically, it was Yao Fei,” he said at the time. “The first Deathstroke we saw wasn’t Slade Wilson; the first Merlyn the archer we saw wasn’t his father, it was Tommy.”

During the Television Critics Association summer press tour, producers revealed that Barry Allen/Flash will appear in the eighth, ninth and 20th episodes. The 20th episode will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential series.

Taylor-Klaus is repped by Corsa Agency and Curtis Talent.

Arrow returns Oct. 9 on The CW.


Vancouver – The Final Week – almost


As one stage of an actor’s world ends, the next begins. This post was written right after episode 9 was filmed, but we couldn’t share it until after episode 9 aired. So here’s a little background for you — this was written in Mid to late May.

This last week has been pretty eventful. In true Bex form, things have not gone exactly as planned. Let’s see…

  • Thursday Bex got a call from Director Jonathan Demme (of “Silence of the Lambs” fame) who was disappointed to learn that Bex would not be in the episode he was filming for The Killing (ep 9). (Here’s how it works: a “series regular” role means that the contract guarantees a minimum number of episodes – generally 7; beyond those it is discretionary.)
  • Friday night, Bex went to her last night of filming episode 8 — call was at 10 p.m., and they wrapped at 4:00 a.m. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her dressing room from Veena. A fitting close to an extraordinary adventure. Or was it?
  • Tuesday, Bex went to set for the read through for the next episode. Apparently, Demme wants her in it, and there are discussions happening.
  • Wednesday, Bex spends the day on set because it’s just better than being anywhere else!
  • Thursday and Friday? I guess we’re all going to have to wait to see what kind of magic wand Demme has! Looks like it was quite a wand — Bex was fitted for “dead” contact lenses, and spent 2 hours in that trunk. In the end, they only used two scenes, but Demme did an amazing job, and it was a perfect closing experience for Bex on the set of The Killing.

Suffice it to say, life is not dull for Bex these days. May 20 is the cast and crew screening and party, and Bex will head back to LA for her graduation by May 23!

This chapter’s almost over, folk! The auditions are just beginning.

The work of acting happens between gigs — auditions, self-tapes, interviews — while the play happens when they’re on the job. At least, that’s what it seems to be like for Bex. When she’s working — on set — she’s having the time of her life. Now that things are settling down and we’re starting to think about what’s next, it’s starting to feel a little like work, again.

But not too much!

As Bex’s agent says, it seems to be “Bex Season” in audition-land. She’s already taped one audition for a pilot, and another 2 are in the works. Bex is trying to get her head back in the “comedic space,” jumping right back into audition work as if it were yesterday.

NOTE: Special Late Edition:

  • Thursday and Friday — Bex is in Episode 9! Don’t ask — Demme magic happens.
  • Thursday — Interviews begin with  a reporter from the Atlanta Journal/Constitution.
  • Thursday — network wants to tape some 1 minute promo videos, so it looks like Bex is going back to LA for her graduation, and then returning to Vancouver for a little more fun (without the) sun!

That is all for now!