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Bloopers, Billboards & BexStream


Hi everyone!

It’s time — okay, it’s past time — for a ‘newsy’ update on the “Life & Times of Bex T-K.”

There’s so much to share, like…
Scream Season 1 — Now Available on DVD!
Scream TV Series Season 1 on DVD
Blooper reel released (watch this  — it’s hysterical, and definitely NOT scary!)
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.16.18 PM

Scream Season 2 — Billboards popping up on Sunset Blvd!

13221174_10153460115257687_1829544349397230809_o copy


Season 2 LiveStream! The first seven minutes of Season 2 will iron MTV.com Friday, May 13th at 6 pm ET

Bex for Scream 2 Live Stream


the Season premiere starts officially on Monday, May 30, 11pm ET / 10pm CT!

scream premiere collage

Too cool — and too scary!

TV Talk Shows & 2nd Season of Scream!


It’s been a busy week for Bex and the Bexicans, this week.

Scream was picked up for a second season (yay!), and to celebrate, Bex appeared on The John Kerwin Show (will let you know when it’s airing) and Hollywood Today Live. Check out the interview on HTL.

Bex on HTL - July 25 2015


We know we’re biased, but it’s adorable.

Special bonus question: what year was the Wilhelm Scream recorded?

Catch Bex on The Librarians this Sunday


Hi everyone,

Time for a long-overdue update on the world according to Bex… and 2015 is shaping up to be another really exciting year. Here’s where you can tune-in for the first appearance of the year:

The Librarians on TNT (Guest role)

Sunday, January 11, 2015
8-9 pm ET
It has magic and fantasy but no violence. It’s safe for everyone to watch.

We’ll have more news soon about where to watch Bex in February.

After that, Bex will be busy with her lead role on the new MTV series, Scream. (We THINK it starts filming in March.)

Teaser: There will be a lot to see in October, but until then… we’ll keep you posted.

Happy New Year, Bexicans!

<Elaine & David>



It’s official, everyone! MTV picked up Scream!

Bex and the #ScreamTeam will be filming 10 episodes next Spring. The show will air in October 2015 … perfect timing for Bex’s favorite-ist holiday of the year!

For those of you who’ve known Bex for years, can you think of a better match for her? She’s going to get to live in the Halloween mindset — all year long!!
Here’s a little Hollywood story on the news: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/10/28/mtv-scream/
And if you haven’t seen MTV’s official Twitter notification, yet, it’s worth a dial in…
MTV Announcement came via this tweet at 4:00pm on 28 Oct 2014

MTV Announcement came via this tweet at 4:00pm on 28 Oct 2014

Here’s Bex’s Instagram invitation to dial in…

Bex invites her Instagram fans to “ring in”

Don’t hold back, now, y’all … SCREAM it out!


By the way, here’s the ‘official blurb’  about Scream from MTV:
“MTV’s “Scream” is based on the hugely successful horror film franchise. It will reinvent the horror comedy franchise that spawned three sequels and unleashed “Ghostface” to a legion of unsuspecting fans.”


There’s more online:
Scream on IMDb.com (just the basics so far)
Scream on MTV.com (not really fleshed out yet either)