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TV Guide Notes Bex’s “Fast-Rising Career”


Hi y’all,

Here’s a fun one! At the end of his ‘Ask Matt’ column, TVGuide.com’s Matt Roush acknowledges Bex’s ‘fast-rising career’…

QuestionMy question is about the girl who plays Sara and Roy’s friend on Arrow. Is she the same girl that played the homeless runaway on The Killing who kept bugging Holder, because I think they look alike. Either way, can you tell me the girl’s name. —Kim

Matt RoushYes, it’s the same young actress. Bex Taylor-Klaus, so memorable as the ill-fated Bullet on The Killing, is currently playing Sin on Arrow and can also be seen in the third season of Showtime’s House of Lies. This is what you’d call a fast-rising career.

You can check out the full article at: TVGguide.com/News/Ask-Matt-Reboots-Finales-Binge-Nashville-Law-Order-SVU-1079067.aspx

Bex is currently in Vancouver filming episode 220 (season 2, episode 20) of Arrow, so we’ll have to wait to see her on CW for a while.

And if you’ve been trying to follow her on Showtime on House of Lies, and aren’t sure when she’s on, she’s already been in episodes 302, 303, 304, and 307. She’ll be on next week in episode 309. We’ll keep you posted after that!

That’s all for now — keep sourcing good stuff for Pilot Season!

Pilot Season Begins in Earnest


Bex’s agent sent this overview of Pilot Season, for those who might want a little education — and we thought you’d all appreciate it. As auditions start to pick up, and anticipation starts to build, will keep you posted when there’s something fun to share.

In the meantime, look for Bex in episodes 302, 304, 307, 309 and 312 of House of Lies (season 3), and in Arrow episodes 203, 204, 208, 209, 211, 214 (season 2). And as always, you can still catch her in episodes 301-309 of The Killing (season 3)!

A year ago, today, Bex was just learning that they “liked” her for the role of Bullet in “The Killing,” and a lot has happened since then. Fingers crossed for a great 2014 Pilot Season!

JANUARY 27, 2014 08:37 AM PST

Pilot Season 2014: Scoop on This Fall’s (Possible) New Shows and Who’s Starring In Them


Pilot season is here, meaning the networks are taking stock of their needs for 2014-15 and getting the ball rolling toward filling any gaps. With development season about to get really interesting — meaning it’s time to start booking actors for these wannabe series! — we thought it might help to round up the current crop, and well as define some of the lingo that gets tossed around.

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For easy access: Review the list of pilots for ABC,CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC, and we urge you to bookmark this constantly-updated page for the latest pickup/casting intel.

PILOT | You really want get basic, eh? When a network orders (or “picks up”) a pilot, they’re asking its writers/producers/studio to cast and produce a close facsimile of what their series’ first episode will look like. Each pilot is reviewed by network brass, then typically put into testing before a decision is made on whether it’ll land on the schedule (for fall or midseason).

PLANTED SPIN-OFF | Also called a “backdoor” pilot, this is an episode of an existing series that sets up a prospective offshoot. For example, The Vampire Diaries aired an episode last April focused around Klaus, Elijah and Hayley in New Orleans, and that was a planted pilot for the spin-off The Originals. Free History Lesson: That Brady Bunch episode with new neighbor Ken Berry adopting three orphans? That was a(n ill-fated) planted pilot for a spin-off to be called Kelly’s Kids.

DRAMA/COMEDY PRESENTATION | Occasionally, due to time or budget restraints, a network won’t order a full pilot but a “presentation” of a not-quite-complete drama or a taste of what a sitcom would look like.

CAST-CONTINGENT/CAST CONTINGENCY | Sometimes a network will order a pilot with the caveat that production can’t start until a suitable (usually “name”) actor has been cast in the starring role. (A possible translation: “The premise is iffy, but a big star could really help sell us.”) So you’ll sometimes hear that with the casting of so-and-so, “the cast contingency has been lifted” on a pilot. (The sorta flip-side is an “if-come deal,” meaning the major players are pre-signed and rarin’ to go the instant the network OKs the pilot itself.)

SECOND POSITION | These are perhaps the two words that makes fans of “bubble” shows most nervous each spring, as stars from underperforming series start booking pilots (provided they get the OK from their current bosses). The term literally means that the pilot role is in second position (or priority) should their current show be renewed. Example: In spring 2011, Damon Wayans Jr. booked a lead on Fox’s New Girl, but when ABC renewed Happy Endings, New Girl had to replace his character. An actor booking a second position gig doesn’t always mean his/her current show is doomed… though it often tends to. Variation: A “safe second” means the pilot’s bosses have been discreetly all-but-assured that the actor will be available.

UPFRONTS | This is the week in mid-May when the networks take turns unveiling their schedules for next season — including the pilots that have been ordered to series. With rare exception, if your show doesn’t make the cut here, it’s (gulp) officially a goner.

Pilot Season #2 Off to a Great Start


The truth is, there’s been lots to report from audition land, it’s just that its been too busy to create the time to write about it. Forgive us for the delay — we’ve been trying to keep up!

As you probably know by now, Bex moved to LA on the weekend of her 18th birthday in August, 2012. Getting a driver’s license and registering to vote in CA made it official — she’s a Cali Girl, now! (you might want to read my blog on MY experience of her moving — it was HARD, let me tell you!) The TK family surprised Bex for her birthday, and Syd spent the week assembling 30 some odd pieces of IKEA furniture! It was fun to set up the new residence — part dorm room, part apartment. Thank goodness it comes with a resident Mom!

So Bex is living at the Oakwood Apartments with the fabulous Mills family, enjoying the best room-mate/best friend a girl could ever hope for, a playful younger “brother” to torment, a Cuban Mama to keep her well fed, and mostly loving her new life. School continues to be her Achilles heel. We really hoped we’d found a magic solution to her struggles, but there is no magic wand. So while we’re trying to figure out what to do next on that front, Pilot Season has hit in full force, and Bex is busier than ever before.

It’s amazing how much happier and healthier she is, here. And that’s not even including the incredible friendships she’s making, and the true joy she’s getting from auditions, and acting class, and working! Truly, everyone should love what they do in the world as much as Bex loves preparing a script and walking into an audition room. Better than that, today, was walking into a job — THAT was fun! (It was a reading for a futuristic dystopian Rock Musical — love the creativity this town inspires).

In December, we added a “Commercial” agent to the mix of representation, so now Bex is going out on auditions for commercials in addition to the theatrical ones. Commercial auditions are different because there is no script to prepare — it’s all about looks — at least, so far that has been our experience. But Bex is batting 1000 on that front — 2 commercial auditions, and 2 call-backs! She’s no slouch on the theatrical side, of course, with probably a half dozen auditions so far this year, and quite a few call backs. A couple have been what are called “producer” auditions, and she’s been “sent” to producers or directors, as well. All in all, things have gotten off to a great start in 2013.

So that’s the story up until now. We’ll keep you posted if anything fabulous hits. Until then, follow Bex on twitter and keep those fingers crossed! She’s got the talent part handled — but the luck is one area where she could use all the help she can get!

All for now!

Elaine 😉

Saturday, can you be more Goth?


A family day. While Bex was in an appointment, and David was grocery shopping, I tried to get a lay of the land from our manager. Her responses were mixed. Pilot season is winding down. On the one hand, plenty of kids go back home. Bex can do that — “we’ll put her on tape, she’s good enough.” On the other hand, it’s definitely harder to get a job from a tape than it is in person. Clearly, she’d like for Bex to stay in LA, and said she’d check in with Alyson’s mother and get back to me (Alyson Stoner.) Not sure what she’s checking in with her about, but it’s always fun to hear them referred to in the same category  😉

The three of us headed to Griffith Park for an afternoon hike in the general neighborhood of the Hollywood sign (which we saw, but didn’t actually get to — long story, that ended with the three of us running off-road, nearly bush-wacking, once we realized that she had an audition in 3 hours and we were still up on a mountain somewhere with an unclear path to return to the car!).

Readying for a 7:00 p.m. Saturday night audition (very rare) at Disney Animation studios, Bex’s friend Sierra came over to help her get dressed for this role as a “believable goth.” We had some deliberation about how much costume she should put on — we encouraged her to stick with the eye-liner and the clothing, but avoid the heavy eye make-up. Back to the make-up counter. It’s definitely the strangest script she’s gotten — which is saying something — as it includes a goth 16 year old being lusted after by Abraham Lincoln. I don’t make this stuff up — it’s a Disney Feature Film!

Anyway, we get to Walt Disney Studios and follow the guard’s directions past the medical center to the Animation building, directed by people on the ground around a ‘happening scene’ and into a far entrance to the building. We find the audition waiting room, and Bex signs in.

“Gotham” City?

There are girls with spiky mohawks and white faces. It’s so stereotypical, I had to get a photograph. So I called Bex over and went into the waiting room, an over-bearing mother taking pictures — so that I could take a picture of the entire scene. It was hysterical.

While we waited for Bex we talked to another mom who had moved out there from Pennsylvania with her 16 year old daughter – and she told us her entire story.

Then we wandered the halls checking out the art in the hallways (original animation drawings from Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and others). The artwork was absolutely fabulous and just casually hanging out in the hallway. I spent some time with Syd on the phone, working on her history research paper.

John Carter Screening

David went outside the building and made friends with the PR people setting up the event outside, a private screening of “John Carter” celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs — Disney Studios, Main Theater.

Of course, David smooth-talked our way into an invitation, so when Bex finished her audition, the PR manager (her name was Elaine, and the woman working the table was Janet) — let us check our phones — no technology allowed inside — and we went into Disney’s main theater for a 3D screening of a movie that doesn’t open until this weekend!

We grabbed water and a bucket of popcorn, and the coolest 3D glasses I’ve ever seen — and walked down to the front. As Mario would say, “If you want to sit in the back, you have to get here early!”

3 TKs in front of 2 White “Apes”

The movie was exciting — unfortunately we missed the first 10 minutes or so — and it was a pleasure to enjoy it in such a reverent way. Incredibly respectful audience, carpeted floors, fabulous seats, and the LONGEST credits we’ve ever seen … ever. I’m not sure about this, but I think there may be a separate version of movie credits than what we usually see. It was cool — when the credits came, not a soul in the audience moved. It was silent, respectful, and everyone stayed seated until it was completely over.

Elaine gave us some fun swag to take home, and Bex was sure to get enough for her sibs and the neighborhood kids 😉  We left on a high, had a quick GF pizza at Z Pizza in Burbank, and headed home to … pack 😦

Final night in LA for David and me, for a while.

All in all, a great adventure.

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Friday, Life – Work Balance


Today was a full, well-balanced day. Bex went to the North clubhouse to get her work done. David and I worked from the apartment. Bex’s best friend’s mom — a Cuban American from TN — came over to meet us. They’ve been out here from MON (middle of nowhere), Tennessee, and just decided this week that they are going to give it a go and commit to a year out here. They’re trying to find a small house or apartment. We wanted to meet in case we want Bex living with them at some point.

Now this is a great indication of the lengths people will go to pursue a dream. This family — this mom and her 14 year old son and 16 year old daughter — have been living in a studio apartment for a couple of months, with others coming to stay with them on occasion. Their home in TN flooded a few weeks back, while her husband was out here in LA with the kids and she was in AR with her 23 year old daughter and newborn grand-baby, who had been in the hospital for 5 days. They couldn’t do anything about the house, at first — they just couldn’t fly back and forth.

People come out here, sometimes, in the strangest of ways. This family actually raised the money to come out here by — not making this stuff up — baking like crazy and selling their delicious food. In fact, they were so successful that they had to consider, for a moment, opening up a store-front bakery! Did I mention that she and her husband — an aeronautical engineer — are home-schooling the two kids? Incredible commitment and support. Absolutely loved her. Solid, salt of the earth.

End of “The Lorax” … Photo taken through 3D Glasses.

Anyway, Bex came home in time to visit for a few minutes before she went out for some social/connect time. We skyped with S & J in Orlando and lit the shabbat candles, grilled out dinner, hi-jacked Bex’s friend, and went over to the City Walk to walk around, dance, and catch the opening of “The Lorax.”

Just before we left, an email came in with an audition for tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Yes, that’s Saturday night at 7. Strange place out here. It is possibly the strangest script Bex has gotten, to date. It appears that Pilot Season is starting to slow down. This was the first week out here with out auditions, and this one is just bizarre. But practice is practice, and Bex will definitely find this one a stretch: a goth “girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo” type somehow encounters and catches the amorous eye of a would-be philandering Abraham Lincoln. And I thought our life was crazy!

We went to Universal Studio’s theater, to the balcony, and walked in just before the credits. It was a huge place, but somehow the back row felt like the best seat in the house. We literally got more than 10 people to happily get up and slide down so that David and I could sit together. We didn’t see the girls until after the movie, where we found them dancing under the City Walk screen with some friends.

In this strange, surreal world — it’s funny to say this — Bex has found a remarkably typical teenager existence — running around and playing with kids in the neighborhood, going to the ‘mall,’ running into other kids from the neighborhood. As we were leaving City Walk, after walking around for an hour, the girls ran into a bunch of friends and stood joking around with them for a while. When I asked how they knew them, they were all “Oakwood kids.”

The other cool thing about these kids is that they don’t seem to have the age-restrictions I’m accustomed to seeing in HS. As Bex said, “mom, we’re not agist.” You’ll see a gaggle of kids hanging out and the age could range from 12 to 18. Now, I’m glad my kid is on the older end, not the younger end, but ultimately it’s pretty sweet how they accept and watch out for each other.

Elaine had to pretend to take a picture of me to snap a shot of this pair of “caricatures” …

There are some pieces of work — some unbelievable caricatures. But on the whole we’re meeting a bunch of really good kids out here. They are working hard — they have to be in order to do what they love — and their families are sacrificing much to make it work for them. It’s a much healthier environment — here in the microcosm of the Oakwood, not out there in LA — than I ever suspected it could be.

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