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April 5th – Last 24 hours of Spring Break–SO Hollywood


Photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly!! Fabulous Spread — we actually felt like celebrities. Bex and 4 other kids were selected to represent the Oakwood Apartments in an article on life at the Oakwood about young people who go out to LA to try to get work. It was a LOT of fun — they even took pics of the whole family.

And while Bex was at her photo-shoot, Sierra found out that a PSA she had filmed is going national! It was a great day!

The family left the photo-shoot for a taping of “A.N.T. Farm,” while Bex stayed back to pack and get ready to return to Atlanta for a few months.

As for the Ant Farm taping: OMG  The kids loved it, and Elaine was seen texting –secretly, because it’s not allowed — “HELP, I’m Being Held Captive in a LOUD Studio Audience!”

Bex wasn’t with us, but her Agent was actually watching the taping from the set. He got to come and go as he pleased, no monitors for his cell-phone usage or bathroom breaks. Honestly, it felt a little like a EST weekend.

Thomas (the agent) came into the audience to see David and me. He thanked us for letting Bex come out for the season. “It was so close.” Great to get to see him before we left. I guess there are no coincidences.

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Mar 12 – 23, Pilot Season winding down


Changing of the guard, again. This time Grandma leaves after some sightseeing and a day at the museums, and Grammie and Poppy arrive. The continuous inflow of auditions has slowed to a creep, at best. Should be a great time to catch up on school work. But, with Oakwood kids beginning to return to their respective homes across the country, every night is someone’s last night — and that takes a lot of energy!

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Leadership and The Pine Cone Incident


As Bex opens the door and comes in to the apartment, David can already here the sobbing. “I’ve done something terrible,” she moans as she rounds the corner. Before he can even finish saying, Do you need a lap?” Bex is climbing onto her daddy’s lap. Such pain and sorrow. Of course, David is trying to remain calm.

And then the story unfolds. She knew just as soon as it left her hand that she should have thrown it a different direction. But 11 years as a softball player, coupled with unusually solid pine-cones, make for a mess of a broken window.

As Bex tells it, a group of kids were outside, running around and playing some organized version of chase. Oakwood is a giant playground to them, and they were outside running. In the dark, Bex stepped on a pine cone — remember, they are unusually huge and heavy — and responded to the hurt by playfully launching the cone … right into the window of an apartment not very nearby (she’s got a good arm!)

There was screaming involved, as you can imagine, probably followed by a gaggle of teenagers trying to figure out what to do. Bex stayed. She took the lead, went up to the apartment, took responsibility, and apologized. The screaming stopped as she assured the residents that she would pay for it — with her own money — and cleaned up the mess, herself. The crying didn’t begin until she put the key in the door of her own apartment.

David’s reaction? Pride. Pure elated pride. He urged Bex to imagine what she taught all those other kids by taking responsibility for her mistake. Sometimes, Bex realized, it’s not Soooo bad to have coaches as parents!

Mom’s reaction? Amazement. After all those years as a softball player, Bex has NEVER broken a window! Wow — how did she make it that long?

Bottom line: Our Child Broke a Window and We Were Proud.

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Saturday, we meet the teens from The Izzy Show


Note: Change of the Guard #3 a success. Baton is handed to my dear friend, Lauren Zimet, and her 12 year old daughter, Brooke, who are spending their Winter Break in LA with Bex. Huge thanks to L & B for joining the journey! Bex gets some much-needed mothering for a week, and this mom back on the east coast can relax my vigilance just a notch! <etk>

Well, Brooke and I arrived in LA and were greeted by the up and coming new teen actress, Bex TK, and her faithful sidekick, Mama Jett (the “little red Jetta that can!”)

RE:Marketing …

Bex chauffeured us to the Oakwood Apts. Seeing the HOLLYWOOD sign on the mountain was pretty neat, living so close to it is really cool! Bex certainly seems to know her way around the area well! We spent a  relaxing early afternoon, getting settled and getting to know each other. Bex even offered to help Brooke with her Bat Mitzvah stuff!! (Yay yay yay Bex! Even if it doesn’t happen, the thought is just so sweet).

Bex (and Brooke) were big troopers in the afternoon. We went to Bex’s meeting to talk about Neurofeedback with QEEG Fellow Joy Lunt. Neurofeedback is apparently a well-kept secret in the industry, used by Directors, Actors and Producers to enhance their edge and increase their brain efficiency. Bex poo-poo-ed the competitive silence around it and assured Joy that, if it helps her get more organized, she’ll tell everyone she thinks it can help!

Bex managed to gracefully get through 2 1/2 hours answering a lot of questions, often going into cute stories about Mom, Dad, Bro or Sis, passionately sharing about her family in the answers to some questions about herself! We face-timed and conferenced with Mama E, and I was glad to be there to be of support to Bex in this new situation. Fortunately, Joy seems genuine and definitely knows her stuff. She showed us a demo, but I’m not sure any of the 3 of us actually “got” it. Should be interesting, for sure.

We had dinner at Zpizza in Burbank – great Cesar salad and GF pizza. We wound up talking to a producer, Charles Gooch, of a new teen show, The Izzy Show. The actors were singing & dancing in this promenade area, and quickly caught Bex’s and Brooke’s attention. The producer was quite enthused to get Bex’s resume/head shot and told her to come to the show next Sunday. Who knows what may possibly come out of this impromptu meeting. The last time somebody random met her, Bex’s video ended up getting sent directly to Scot Baio!

The producer introduced Bex to all the other teen actors – it was neat to see Bex ‘in action,’ at the right place at the right time.

Home for more acting “research” (lol) watching TV! Funny, it seems fine for Brooke to watch these shows here, even though she typically doesn’t at home. She’s helping Bex with her research 🙂 Certainly a good way to end a VERY long day!