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TV Guide Notes Bex’s “Fast-Rising Career”


Hi y’all,

Here’s a fun one! At the end of his ‘Ask Matt’ column, TVGuide.com’s Matt Roush acknowledges Bex’s ‘fast-rising career’…

QuestionMy question is about the girl who plays Sara and Roy’s friend on Arrow. Is she the same girl that played the homeless runaway on The Killing who kept bugging Holder, because I think they look alike. Either way, can you tell me the girl’s name. —Kim

Matt RoushYes, it’s the same young actress. Bex Taylor-Klaus, so memorable as the ill-fated Bullet on The Killing, is currently playing Sin on Arrow and can also be seen in the third season of Showtime’s House of Lies. This is what you’d call a fast-rising career.

You can check out the full article at: TVGguide.com/News/Ask-Matt-Reboots-Finales-Binge-Nashville-Law-Order-SVU-1079067.aspx

Bex is currently in Vancouver filming episode 220 (season 2, episode 20) of Arrow, so we’ll have to wait to see her on CW for a while.

And if you’ve been trying to follow her on Showtime on House of Lies, and aren’t sure when she’s on, she’s already been in episodes 302, 303, 304, and 307. She’ll be on next week in episode 309. We’ll keep you posted after that!

That’s all for now — keep sourcing good stuff for Pilot Season!

Arrow Season 2 Starts Tonight (and an update)!


Hi everyone,

Arrow Season 2 airs tonight on The CW Network at 8:00 EST!  Bex is playing the character of Sin, who will appear in episode 3, which will air on October 23. If you haven’t caught up on season 1, they did  a 1 hour recap last week — it’s probably streamable.

Bex - Sin in Cast chair on Arrow set 2013.08.19

We know we’ve been a bit slack in keeping everyone up to date — life’s been pretty busy. But here’s the quick update:

  • This summer, after booking the Recurring Guest role of Sin on Arrow, Bex appeared in The Hollywood Reporter as The Next Big Thing to watch.

Bex - Next Big Thing

  • Then, after a few days of down time, she got a puppy — and Bullet lives on in the body of an adorable little black rescue dog.

Instagram with Bullet

  • Shortly afterward, Bex booked the role of Lex on House of Lies, another Recurring Guest role (and definitely not a family show!).

House Of Lies - premiere bug

So she’s a busy gal, this Fall, back and forth between gigs in Vancouver and LA. She’s gotten to work with Don Chaedle and so many other fabulous actors on both shows. She’s truly living her dream, following her bliss … and loving life.

Stay tuned!