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Bex in Social Media


Bullet (and Bex) are all over social media, they have inspired artists across the globe, and Bex has fielded media interviews across the continent.

Here are a few of the key social media links:

  1. Bex has tirelessly and adeptly answered nearly 700 fan questions on her ask.fm page … WOW!
  2. There are twitter feeds from Bex (@iBexWeBex), AMC (@TheKilling_AMC) and a Killing fansite (@TheKillingOnAMC)
  3. These are a few of the hashtags in play: #AskBullet, #TheKilling, and after Episode 8, #SaveBullet!
  4. tumblr sports a few blogs with posts about from Bex, about Bex & about The Killing
  5. Don’t forget Bex’s official facebook page
  6. And her IMDb page (check out her STARmeter™ rank!)

We have collected some of our favorite fan-art to share with you  (a special shout-out to Miki Price – a gifted 18 year old artist from Australia – whose black-and-red portrait of Bullet took my breath away!):

tumblr_mptxzzw3j81qms2cso1_1280      tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o4_1280      tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o2_500

tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o8_1280      tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o7_1280

tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o6_400      tumblr_mpu888G1aT1rwnlw8o9_1280

And a scads of  animated gifs have been created by Bullet fans, as well:

BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - BunnyScene - 1 BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - BunnyScene - 2
BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - BunnyScene - 3 BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - BunnyScene - 4

tumblr_mpz6aq5QEg1su3c26o4_250 tumblr_mpz6aq5QEg1su3c26o1_250tumblr_mpz6aq5QEg1su3c26o3_250 BexTaylor-Klaus - Episode 5 - BulletShowsFaith

BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - LyricKissScene - 1 BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - LyricKissScene - 2BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - LyricKissScene - 3 BexTaylor-Klaus - Fan-Created-GIF-on-Tumblr - LyricKissScene - 4

tumblr_mokk4cieLv1svpk0no1_250 BexTaylor-Klaus - Episode 6 - WithDanette

BexTaylor-Klaus - Episode 5 - BulletSuckerPunches

BexTaylor-Klaus - Episode 5 - BulletLeansIntoHolder tumblr_mpyuy1rTQT1su3c26o2_250tumblr_mpyuy1rTQT1su3c26o3_250 tumblr_mpyuy1rTQT1su3c26o4_250


tumblr_mpyrxzvKch1su3c26o6_250 tumblr_mpyrxzvKch1su3c26o10_250

IMDb.com Has Bex’s Number …


STARmeterIMDb.com (the internet movie database) is a leviathan repository of all things film and television. And it just got a bit bigger … Bex’s IMDb page – imdb.me/bex – has been updated to reflect her role in The Killing.

One of the things IMDb tracks is called the STARmeter. This is how they describe it: “Updated weekly, STARmeter rankings provide a snapshot of who’s popular based on the searches of millions of IMDb users.” The lower the number, the better the ranking.

Right now, Bex’s STARmeter rank is #63,555!  That’s quite a leap from when she first hit IMDb.com … she was number #1,925,661!

Jennifer Lawrence’s #1 ranking isn’t in jeopardy … YET!

Bex's IMDb.com page now shows her role on The Killing!

IMDb.com shows Bex in the cast list on The Killing!

This post is going to get a serious eye-roll from Bex!