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“Tag!” (Hand-Off #1)


9:00 a.m. I wake up Bex to see if she wants to re-tape the audition.

9:30 a.m. Bex is in no condition to re-tape and decides to send the footage to Johnny V.  We spend the next hour trying to download vimeo and get the technology to work to send the files, that are too big to text simply.

10:30 a.m. We leave to take me to the airport, and Bex confirms with Johnny V that he got the tapes. We keep our fingers crossed that we were supposed to send them to Johnny and not the agent – we were a little fuzzy on last night’s directions!

11:15 a.m. In line at security when the new coach, Danny Maro, calls me to talk about working with Bex. Did I mention that I love this guy but he doesn’t know how to have a brief conversation?

12:00 p.m. I get on a plane and practice letting go. Not easy. I’ve just left my baby in LA – in good hands, but a long way from home. Stay tuned. Greg will pick it up from here!  On the plane, happy to be heading home, confident that my angel is safe in the care of her godfather. Hard to leave, and good to go!

Farewell, for now, the city of tolerance–hello city of…what IS Atlanta the City of??

ENTER: Godfather Greg:

After saying so long to Elaine, we took the scenic hourlong drive up to see Cristina in San Clemente, passing Huntington Beach (surfing mecca), Mission Viejo (ground zero of US Swimming), San Juan Capistrano (sadly, not time for the swallows) and the campus of UCal-Irvine.
After a leisurely brunch featuring fish tacos, we strolled along the beach at San Clemente with Emma, Cristina’s Pomeranian. We would have checked out just why, exactly, there is a train running along the beach, but we had to get back so Bex could rock the rehearsal time.
After meeting with new acting coach (comedy division) Danny, Bex unwound with a family-size bowl of rice and beans and a steady diet of research on Disney and Nickelodeon shows.


She gets 48 hours … when she’s lucky


Long day.

This afternoon we got a notice that Bex has an audition at 12:15 tomorrow. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we were still in Atlanta when that script came, and it sorta fell off our radar screen (what with getting out of town and no scheduled audition date).

When the agent asked Bex if she was ready, and he got a lukewarm response (understandably), and he was not thrilled (also not surprising). So lesson learned: NOW we know that, when a script comes in, Bex needs to have the lines learned within 48 hours, even if she doesn’t coach on it until the audition is scheduled. Moving forward, in terms of getting systems into place and establishing clear lines of communication, it was a good lesson, albeit a frustrating one. It’s a part Bex really loves, too. She’d get to shoot a gun in it, which makes her happy!

The agent tells us to come to him at 9:30 tomorrow morning to prepare for the audition – great, we have to get to Santa Monica at 9:30 – what time do we need to leave for that!?  At least Bex has tonight to learn the lines – of course, she’s also got class at 5:00!