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March 31st – The Eye Infection


There are MANY great things about having a cousin in LA. This week, the BEST thing was that when Bex woke up looking like a cyclops, Marley had an eye doctor for her to visit. That’s the good news. The bad news was that she had to visit the doctor several times, cause what started as a simple stye in the eye turned into a full-blown infection. Yuch!

Meanwhile, as the guard changed and Grammie and Poppy returned to Atlanta, the eye wasn’t improving. Bex was scheduled to go into the doctor on Friday morning to have the eye drained. YUCK again. There was a stressful few hours there when Elaine was stuck at a training in Orlando, and David actually pulled Josh and Syd out of school early on Friday to get out to Cali to be with Bex and her poor eye 😦  The good news? Bex woke up Fri morning with the swelling down and the drainage was averted. The bad news is that the TKs to the Rescue were already en route by the time she woke up. Ok, it wasn’t all bad news. The family was (almost) reunited, the kids were happy, and by evening time David and kids were all able to go see the opening night of “Mirror, Mirror.” A great way to start Spring Break.

Saturday David, Syd and Josh went to Santa Monica (killer GF Pizza!), and Bex started catching up on missing school work. Elaine arrived that night and the family was reunited for the first time since late January!

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Tuesday, Chocolate Breakfast


The day began carrying on a Taylor-Klaus tradition of Chocolate Breakfast for Valentine’s Day or, as Bex has coined it, Single’s Awareness Day. Bex and Brooke enjoyed choc chip GF pancakes, along with scrambled eggs, fresh veggies and fruit.

Bex needed Mama Jett to get to Acting class and a Valentine’s party, so we rented a car and ventured to Sony Studios to be in the audience of Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. Got to the studio (after driving around to find the correct parking lot — at least the people are nice even if the directions are challenging!)

Brooke won a raffle (2 people out of the whole audience won) and left with a Jeopardy bag and special Wii version of Jeopardy! Pretty fun.

Brooke & Alex Trebec

We tried to go to the Museum of Tolerance, but they wouldn’t wait and closed it while we were in the lobby. So much for tolerance for tardiness.

On the way home, a fun peek at Rodeo drive homes and then window shopping in Beverly Hills. We met the famous chocolatier from NY Diane Kron. She was so sweet (okay, bitter-sweet), giving Brooke too many sample tastes of her incredible chocolates (note: Elaine is jealous! Kron Chocolates got me through my thesis!)

My taste of the tequila truffle was unbelievable!

Made it back to Oakwood by 7:30pm… Bex still at class. She went punk today, can’t wait to hear how it went. Brooke & I eagerly baking some GF brownies now… so she will come home to the aroma of yum! Another great day in paradise!

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Saturday, we meet the teens from The Izzy Show


Note: Change of the Guard #3 a success. Baton is handed to my dear friend, Lauren Zimet, and her 12 year old daughter, Brooke, who are spending their Winter Break in LA with Bex. Huge thanks to L & B for joining the journey! Bex gets some much-needed mothering for a week, and this mom back on the east coast can relax my vigilance just a notch! <etk>

Well, Brooke and I arrived in LA and were greeted by the up and coming new teen actress, Bex TK, and her faithful sidekick, Mama Jett (the “little red Jetta that can!”)

RE:Marketing …

Bex chauffeured us to the Oakwood Apts. Seeing the HOLLYWOOD sign on the mountain was pretty neat, living so close to it is really cool! Bex certainly seems to know her way around the area well! We spent a  relaxing early afternoon, getting settled and getting to know each other. Bex even offered to help Brooke with her Bat Mitzvah stuff!! (Yay yay yay Bex! Even if it doesn’t happen, the thought is just so sweet).

Bex (and Brooke) were big troopers in the afternoon. We went to Bex’s meeting to talk about Neurofeedback with QEEG Fellow Joy Lunt. Neurofeedback is apparently a well-kept secret in the industry, used by Directors, Actors and Producers to enhance their edge and increase their brain efficiency. Bex poo-poo-ed the competitive silence around it and assured Joy that, if it helps her get more organized, she’ll tell everyone she thinks it can help!

Bex managed to gracefully get through 2 1/2 hours answering a lot of questions, often going into cute stories about Mom, Dad, Bro or Sis, passionately sharing about her family in the answers to some questions about herself! We face-timed and conferenced with Mama E, and I was glad to be there to be of support to Bex in this new situation. Fortunately, Joy seems genuine and definitely knows her stuff. She showed us a demo, but I’m not sure any of the 3 of us actually “got” it. Should be interesting, for sure.

We had dinner at Zpizza in Burbank – great Cesar salad and GF pizza. We wound up talking to a producer, Charles Gooch, of a new teen show, The Izzy Show. The actors were singing & dancing in this promenade area, and quickly caught Bex’s and Brooke’s attention. The producer was quite enthused to get Bex’s resume/head shot and told her to come to the show next Sunday. Who knows what may possibly come out of this impromptu meeting. The last time somebody random met her, Bex’s video ended up getting sent directly to Scot Baio!

The producer introduced Bex to all the other teen actors – it was neat to see Bex ‘in action,’ at the right place at the right time.

Home for more acting “research” (lol) watching TV! Funny, it seems fine for Brooke to watch these shows here, even though she typically doesn’t at home. She’s helping Bex with her research 🙂 Certainly a good way to end a VERY long day!

Day 1 – Arrival


Monday, January 23rd

11:30 a.m. PST Bex and I arrived to an uncharacteristically cold and rainy LA day. In the airport, we see our first celebrity: the real life Target Dog, complete with red circles around the eye!  (A tweet-worthy event, this is when she decided to tweet her adventures). We were greeted at the airport by our new, dear friend Sarah Casalaro (who will be staying with Bex on the days when another guardian from Atlanta is not here — thanks, Cynthia!).

1:00 p.m. A quick Gluten-Free pizza in Burbank

2:00 p.m. We moved into our new apartment at the iconic Oakwood Toluca Hills. I went to rent a car, Bex arranged for a ride for herself into class, and it was like we never skipped a beat. Trader Joe’s was right where I’d left it. Bex was back in town.

5:00 p.m. Bex went to Pilot Camp (Mon, Wed, Thur evenings from 5-9 through mid-February). She was on cloud 9, happy to be back, embraced by all the kids at camp who knew her from the summer, and ready with a scene to perform. I don’t know how she did it.

9:00 p.m. By the time I picked her up, we were both Disney characters.