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Community of Kids with Creative Living Arrangements


Cold brrrr day here in LA…but we had a good breakfast and Bex headed out to class…

Bex spent the day with her friend, the aspiring young actress Stella, whose guardian was unavailable today. Bex is one of a surprisingly large community of kids living out here without parents in a wide variety of creative arrangements, trying to get work. Bex hung with Stella and had a session with Coach Eric at 1pm…then they went to class 5-9pm

Brooke & I headed out to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) to see the 20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit! Saw The Staples Center where the Grammy’s were held Sunday night, and used great self restraint on the shopping in Santa Monica. Enjoying life’s journey.

Obama was in LA today. Apparently, when he comes here the President lands in a special lot near a dog park, where they take down the tents and clear out the area for a few days before his landing. Who knew?

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Sunday, No rest for the Weary

Sunday brought a session with acting coach Eric (drama division), and bonus points for the proximity to a fantastic panaderia perfect for killing an hour and a diet at the same time.
But wait, that’s not all – not content to only do an hour’s worth of work on a Sunday, Bex had a 2-hour reading/brainstorming session with fellow actress/ATL alum Jenna Kennel. (Mom’s note: Bex and Jenna took Hazel Hunt’s after-school acting class together — Shakespeare, Elementary-school style — at The Epstein School in something like 2003. Awesome to see them still connected and pursuing their passion after all these years!)
Like the rest of the world, we found time to watch the Super Bowl, followed by a jaunt to downtown LA for dinner somewhere.
And this was just the weekend! More activity to come.