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Wednesday, April 4 a 101 mile day


Today was a VERY busy day, and Mama Jett got us everywhere we needed to go — which was apparently everywhere! With auditions at both Disney and Warner Brothers, and a call-back at Disney, there was not a lot of down-time. But it was fun for all of us to get a sense of Bex’s schedule when things are busy. AND, it was a good thing it was only one day while we were all there. This is what the day looked like, starting at about 7:30 a.m. and concluding at about 9:30 p.m.:

101 Miles +

1 coaching on 2 scripts

1 visit to prospective school

2 auditions and 1 callback

1 shlock shop at The Alley

1 Sunset at The Observatory

1 dinner with cousin Marley

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Monday, Goth Call-Back Day


Changing of the guard finds David and Elaine back in Atlanta, and Sierra and her mom and brother taking up residence for a few days. This morning was about getting Bex all -gothed- up and ready to “tick tock.”

She returned to Disney for an 11 am audition, where she recognized some of the kids there, and made some new friends. Gotta love a kid who makes friends out of competitors at an audition!

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Saturday, can you be more Goth?


A family day. While Bex was in an appointment, and David was grocery shopping, I tried to get a lay of the land from our manager. Her responses were mixed. Pilot season is winding down. On the one hand, plenty of kids go back home. Bex can do that — “we’ll put her on tape, she’s good enough.” On the other hand, it’s definitely harder to get a job from a tape than it is in person. Clearly, she’d like for Bex to stay in LA, and said she’d check in with Alyson’s mother and get back to me (Alyson Stoner.) Not sure what she’s checking in with her about, but it’s always fun to hear them referred to in the same category  😉

The three of us headed to Griffith Park for an afternoon hike in the general neighborhood of the Hollywood sign (which we saw, but didn’t actually get to — long story, that ended with the three of us running off-road, nearly bush-wacking, once we realized that she had an audition in 3 hours and we were still up on a mountain somewhere with an unclear path to return to the car!).

Readying for a 7:00 p.m. Saturday night audition (very rare) at Disney Animation studios, Bex’s friend Sierra came over to help her get dressed for this role as a “believable goth.” We had some deliberation about how much costume she should put on — we encouraged her to stick with the eye-liner and the clothing, but avoid the heavy eye make-up. Back to the make-up counter. It’s definitely the strangest script she’s gotten — which is saying something — as it includes a goth 16 year old being lusted after by Abraham Lincoln. I don’t make this stuff up — it’s a Disney Feature Film!

Anyway, we get to Walt Disney Studios and follow the guard’s directions past the medical center to the Animation building, directed by people on the ground around a ‘happening scene’ and into a far entrance to the building. We find the audition waiting room, and Bex signs in.

“Gotham” City?

There are girls with spiky mohawks and white faces. It’s so stereotypical, I had to get a photograph. So I called Bex over and went into the waiting room, an over-bearing mother taking pictures — so that I could take a picture of the entire scene. It was hysterical.

While we waited for Bex we talked to another mom who had moved out there from Pennsylvania with her 16 year old daughter – and she told us her entire story.

Then we wandered the halls checking out the art in the hallways (original animation drawings from Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and others). The artwork was absolutely fabulous and just casually hanging out in the hallway. I spent some time with Syd on the phone, working on her history research paper.

John Carter Screening

David went outside the building and made friends with the PR people setting up the event outside, a private screening of “John Carter” celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs — Disney Studios, Main Theater.

Of course, David smooth-talked our way into an invitation, so when Bex finished her audition, the PR manager (her name was Elaine, and the woman working the table was Janet) — let us check our phones — no technology allowed inside — and we went into Disney’s main theater for a 3D screening of a movie that doesn’t open until this weekend!

We grabbed water and a bucket of popcorn, and the coolest 3D glasses I’ve ever seen — and walked down to the front. As Mario would say, “If you want to sit in the back, you have to get here early!”

3 TKs in front of 2 White “Apes”

The movie was exciting — unfortunately we missed the first 10 minutes or so — and it was a pleasure to enjoy it in such a reverent way. Incredibly respectful audience, carpeted floors, fabulous seats, and the LONGEST credits we’ve ever seen … ever. I’m not sure about this, but I think there may be a separate version of movie credits than what we usually see. It was cool — when the credits came, not a soul in the audience moved. It was silent, respectful, and everyone stayed seated until it was completely over.

Elaine gave us some fun swag to take home, and Bex was sure to get enough for her sibs and the neighborhood kids 😉  We left on a high, had a quick GF pizza at Z Pizza in Burbank, and headed home to … pack 😦

Final night in LA for David and me, for a while.

All in all, a great adventure.

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