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Tuesday, Chocolate Breakfast


The day began carrying on a Taylor-Klaus tradition of Chocolate Breakfast for Valentine’s Day or, as Bex has coined it, Single’s Awareness Day. Bex and Brooke enjoyed choc chip GF pancakes, along with scrambled eggs, fresh veggies and fruit.

Bex needed Mama Jett to get to Acting class and a Valentine’s party, so we rented a car and ventured to Sony Studios to be in the audience of Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. Got to the studio (after driving around to find the correct parking lot — at least the people are nice even if the directions are challenging!)

Brooke won a raffle (2 people out of the whole audience won) and left with a Jeopardy bag and special Wii version of Jeopardy! Pretty fun.

Brooke & Alex Trebec

We tried to go to the Museum of Tolerance, but they wouldn’t wait and closed it while we were in the lobby. So much for tolerance for tardiness.

On the way home, a fun peek at Rodeo drive homes and then window shopping in Beverly Hills. We met the famous chocolatier from NY Diane Kron. She was so sweet (okay, bitter-sweet), giving Brooke too many sample tastes of her incredible chocolates (note: Elaine is jealous! Kron Chocolates got me through my thesis!)

My taste of the tequila truffle was unbelievable!

Made it back to Oakwood by 7:30pm… Bex still at class. She¬†went punk today, can’t wait to hear how it went. Brooke & I eagerly baking some GF brownies now… so she will come home to the aroma of yum! Another great day in paradise!

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Monday, Rainbow for Breakfast


Colorful, rainbow breakfast before Bex took off for her lessons, followed by some chill time.

Brooke & I tried to get into the audience to see the Ellen Show. We made it to WB Gate 3, parked, got through security, onto the “stand by” line, but then got rejected. They had way too many in overflow. Bummer!

Bex had her evening class 5-9pm and came home to find that she has 2 new auditions. The one scheduled for Sunday morning seems fun: Country Western singer Reba McIntyre stars in a pilot about a mother of three who leaves her cheatin’ husband back in Nashville and moves to Malibu, CA to start a new life and a new career for herself. Bex is auditioning for one of her kids who doesn’t fit in — in Nashville or in Malibu!

Tomorrow we join the Taylor-Klaus Chocolate Breakfast tradition!