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Vote for Bex – TODAY!


Morning Bexicans,

Great news: You get a chance to vote for Bex — TWICE!

This is the last chance to vote for Bex to receive two of Canadagraph’s 2014 Best of TV Awards:

  1. Best Youth Actress
  2. Best Recurring Actress (Arrow)

It only takes a minute to click on the link below (iPhones and iPads do not work. Sorry, you’ll have to use your computer!), scroll down until you see Bex’s name under the 2 awards she has been nominated for, click on the circle beside her name and hit the VOTE button. Simple!

Remember to vote for both awards.

THEN, when you’re done, please share! Now that Bex is 20, it’s her last chance to win the “Best Youth Actress” award — wouldn’t that be a fun way to usher in her 3rd decade!?

Here are a couple of ways to make sharing simple:

SAMPLE Facebook Post:

Cast Your Vote For Bex!
Bex Taylor-Klaus is up for TWO awards – Best Recurring Actress and the Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward from @CanadaGraphs
The time to vote is NOW … then spread the word! http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html


Vote for @IBexWeBex for Best Recurring Actress & Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward Spread the word! @canadagraphs2 http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html

Go TeamBex!

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Vancouver, Week 2, Episode #1


And she’s off! Wednesday, February 27, 2013. Bex’s first official day of filming for The Killing (often referred to as “TK” — no joke!)

Bullet's Trailer ...

Bullet’s Trailer

The Day Starts at The Circus

Sue picked us up at 7:15 and we drove to a large, empty gravel lot … temporarily filled by a large number of white trucks (trailers), a solitary blue truck (kitchen) and a tent (dining room). Known as the circus, this roving caravan is set up each day that filming is done on location — which is a lot, given that half the cast (or more) seem to be living on the street!

We start in the breakfast area, where a fabulous spread of eggs, bacon, potatoes, oatmeal, fruit, etc. are available, and the chefs in the truck are happy to make special orders upon request. Truly — they’re so NICE about it! Gotta love these Canadians.

Since this morning was about finalizing details about Bullet’s look, we  were taken to Bex’s trailer (!!complete with faux fireplace as a space-heater, bathroom, microwave, TV — ton of stuff we’ll never need!!), where a white smock was waiting for her. In the future, her wardrobe (neatly cleaned) will be ready, but today there were still many final decisions make.

Bex donned the heavy overcoat labeled “Bullet” (note — not a costume — this is for her to wear around the circus and while on location — coat, boots, hand-warmers, umbrellas — whatever is needed to keep the talent comfortable!), and we headed to the best trailer in the entire circus: Hair & Make-Up.

Bullet's Trailer ...click to see the full image

Hair & Make-Up

Bex starts with Julie, who does her hair while consulting on the other leads and a seemingly unending array of extras. I can’t tell you much, but it’s to become a daily routine. Then she heads down to Charles in the Make-up end of the trailer. It’s amazing how long it takes to make Bex look so… well… grungy.

Again, I won’t say much, but the level of detail is inspiring, and Charles has the patience of a saint. Every so often, Marian, the 3rd AD (Asst Director), who basically handles all the logistics around the circus and the set, pokes his head in to check the status of the actors.

At this point, Bex, Julia and Max are all in Hair & Make-up, and there’s still more to do with wardrobe before we get put into a transport to go to the set. Veena (creator of the show, the writer) comes in for a bit, as does Jori (Wardrobe) to make decisions about tattoos, jewelry, etc. Bex’s own art has been incorporated by wardrobe and props. Again — won’t spoil anything for you — but Bex is pretty psyched that her drawings are being used.

By this point, she’s been back and forth to the trailer with Drory, and fully dressed and ready, we’re transported to the nearby location for shooting. All of this has taken about 2 hours.

On Set and Ready to Shoot

Once we arrived at the set, Bex is psyched to meet her best friend on the show, who has been a last-minute cast — and who, we’re thrilled to learn, is also filming for the first time today. Bex isn’t the only newbie on the set!

They are taken into the set, staged in a community center, where the Director meets them and immediately starts blocking the scene. After they’ve gone over the scene once or twice and blocked who will be where, the cameras and sound are all set up. Meanwhile, Bex and Cate are taken in to get wired for sound, and someone else takes their stuff and puts it in the ‘green’ room. Once the equipment is all set up, the talent is brought back in for rehearsal. They run through it a few times, and then they start rolling.


Bex had one scene to do today. Little did I know that she’d be doing it ALL day long! They go through the scene multiple times. And when they are done, they take a brake, move the cameras, and start all over again. It’s really an extraordinary process. This one scene was shot multiple times from at least 4 or 5 different perspectives. Now, since this is the first episode, they are consciously establishing the characters, so they’re being quite deliberate and taking their time. But it’s still a rather awesome process. With something like 40 extras, and untold number of crew, it’s incredibly wild how quiet it can can when people start yelling, “quiet on the set, Rolling!”

There’s more to report, of course… I’ve not even made it to noon at this point — but it’s time to stop and post, and I’ll finish out an average day in the next post. Feel free to comment or ask questions! 🙂