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Vote for Bex – TODAY!


Morning Bexicans,

Great news: You get a chance to vote for Bex — TWICE!

This is the last chance to vote for Bex to receive two of Canadagraph’s 2014 Best of TV Awards:

  1. Best Youth Actress
  2. Best Recurring Actress (Arrow)

It only takes a minute to click on the link below (iPhones and iPads do not work. Sorry, you’ll have to use your computer!), scroll down until you see Bex’s name under the 2 awards she has been nominated for, click on the circle beside her name and hit the VOTE button. Simple!

Remember to vote for both awards.

THEN, when you’re done, please share! Now that Bex is 20, it’s her last chance to win the “Best Youth Actress” award — wouldn’t that be a fun way to usher in her 3rd decade!?

Here are a couple of ways to make sharing simple:

SAMPLE Facebook Post:

Cast Your Vote For Bex!
Bex Taylor-Klaus is up for TWO awards – Best Recurring Actress and the Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward from @CanadaGraphs
The time to vote is NOW … then spread the word! http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html


Vote for @IBexWeBex for Best Recurring Actress & Best Youth Actress #BestOfTVAward Spread the word! @canadagraphs2 http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/best-of-tv-awards-2014.html

Go TeamBex!

<David & Elaine>

TWO Best Young Actress Award Nominations!


Last night’s Episode was AWESOME …

(Even though Bex didn’t get a lot of air time. More next week!)

In the meantime:

Bex is now a semi-finalist in the Candagraphs Best-of-TV-Awards!

The “Best of TV Awards” (BOTVA) are the year end awards on Canadagraphs for the best in that calendar year on TV as voted by the public.

She’s actually nominated TWICE in the “Best Young Actress” category: Once for Arrow and once for The Killing!

Think it’s time to vote, y’all! And … Spread the word!  😉


Here’s a tweet you can use to spread the word so others can vote, too!

Bex Taylor-Klaus has TWO nominations for Best Youth Actress award from Canadagraphs: VOTE! #BOTVA @IBexWeBex @CW_Arrow @The @TheKilling_AMC

So let’s vote, People!