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Vancouver – The Final Week – almost


As one stage of an actor’s world ends, the next begins. This post was written right after episode 9 was filmed, but we couldn’t share it until after episode 9 aired. So here’s a little background for you — this was written in Mid to late May.

This last week has been pretty eventful. In true Bex form, things have not gone exactly as planned. Let’s see…

  • Thursday Bex got a call from Director Jonathan Demme (of “Silence of the Lambs” fame) who was disappointed to learn that Bex would not be in the episode he was filming for The Killing (ep 9). (Here’s how it works: a “series regular” role means that the contract guarantees a minimum number of episodes – generally 7; beyond those it is discretionary.)
  • Friday night, Bex went to her last night of filming episode 8 — call was at 10 p.m., and they wrapped at 4:00 a.m. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her dressing room from Veena. A fitting close to an extraordinary adventure. Or was it?
  • Tuesday, Bex went to set for the read through for the next episode. Apparently, Demme wants her in it, and there are discussions happening.
  • Wednesday, Bex spends the day on set because it’s just better than being anywhere else!
  • Thursday and Friday? I guess we’re all going to have to wait to see what kind of magic wand Demme has! Looks like it was quite a wand — Bex was fitted for “dead” contact lenses, and spent 2 hours in that trunk. In the end, they only used two scenes, but Demme did an amazing job, and it was a perfect closing experience for Bex on the set of The Killing.

Suffice it to say, life is not dull for Bex these days. May 20 is the cast and crew screening and party, and Bex will head back to LA for her graduation by May 23!

This chapter’s almost over, folk! The auditions are just beginning.

The work of acting happens between gigs — auditions, self-tapes, interviews — while the play happens when they’re on the job. At least, that’s what it seems to be like for Bex. When she’s working — on set — she’s having the time of her life. Now that things are settling down and we’re starting to think about what’s next, it’s starting to feel a little like work, again.

But not too much!

As Bex’s agent says, it seems to be “Bex Season” in audition-land. She’s already taped one audition for a pilot, and another 2 are in the works. Bex is trying to get her head back in the “comedic space,” jumping right back into audition work as if it were yesterday.

NOTE: Special Late Edition:

  • Thursday and Friday — Bex is in Episode 9! Don’t ask — Demme magic happens.
  • Thursday — Interviews begin with  a reporter from the Atlanta Journal/Constitution.
  • Thursday — network wants to tape some 1 minute promo videos, so it looks like Bex is going back to LA for her graduation, and then returning to Vancouver for a little more fun (without the) sun!

That is all for now!

Bex is Back in Hollywood


Back in Hollywood! Bex is working on some projects, auditioning a lot, and navigating a whole new world.

Social media has changed the way that people communicate, and that is no exception for people in the public eye. As a Digital Native, Bex understands this new mode of communication, and speaks it fluently. It’s been a graceful conversation to watch.

When she’s not preparing a script for an audition or working on a project, Bex can be found on social media — Ask.FM, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (and probably more we don’t know about). She is in an ongoing conversation with friends and fans, joining in their celebration and admiration of Bullet, answering their questions with a level of sophistication that is stunning, and frankly, inspiring.

Truth is, Bex has engaged in a sophisticated conversation about gender, on an international scale, with a level of confidence and clarity that eludes our generation.

What we’ve found most compelling is her empowering and compassionate responses to the many teens and young adults — struggling with their own gender identities — who are reaching out to Bex for acceptance and understanding.


Pilot Season #2 Off to a Great Start


The truth is, there’s been lots to report from audition land, it’s just that its been too busy to create the time to write about it. Forgive us for the delay — we’ve been trying to keep up!

As you probably know by now, Bex moved to LA on the weekend of her 18th birthday in August, 2012. Getting a driver’s license and registering to vote in CA made it official — she’s a Cali Girl, now! (you might want to read my blog on MY experience of her moving — it was HARD, let me tell you!) The TK family surprised Bex for her birthday, and Syd spent the week assembling 30 some odd pieces of IKEA furniture! It was fun to set up the new residence — part dorm room, part apartment. Thank goodness it comes with a resident Mom!

So Bex is living at the Oakwood Apartments with the fabulous Mills family, enjoying the best room-mate/best friend a girl could ever hope for, a playful younger “brother” to torment, a Cuban Mama to keep her well fed, and mostly loving her new life. School continues to be her Achilles heel. We really hoped we’d found a magic solution to her struggles, but there is no magic wand. So while we’re trying to figure out what to do next on that front, Pilot Season has hit in full force, and Bex is busier than ever before.

It’s amazing how much happier and healthier she is, here. And that’s not even including the incredible friendships she’s making, and the true joy she’s getting from auditions, and acting class, and working! Truly, everyone should love what they do in the world as much as Bex loves preparing a script and walking into an audition room. Better than that, today, was walking into a job — THAT was fun! (It was a reading for a futuristic dystopian Rock Musical — love the creativity this town inspires).

In December, we added a “Commercial” agent to the mix of representation, so now Bex is going out on auditions for commercials in addition to the theatrical ones. Commercial auditions are different because there is no script to prepare — it’s all about looks — at least, so far that has been our experience. But Bex is batting 1000 on that front — 2 commercial auditions, and 2 call-backs! She’s no slouch on the theatrical side, of course, with probably a half dozen auditions so far this year, and quite a few call backs. A couple have been what are called “producer” auditions, and she’s been “sent” to producers or directors, as well. All in all, things have gotten off to a great start in 2013.

So that’s the story up until now. We’ll keep you posted if anything fabulous hits. Until then, follow Bex on twitter and keep those fingers crossed! She’s got the talent part handled — but the luck is one area where she could use all the help she can get!

All for now!

Elaine 😉

April 6th – Spring Break for us, Work for Bex


Spring Break in LA — Such Fun! A strange mixture of auditions laced in with tourism. Bex did the auditions. The rest of us played tourist. Occasionally Bex graced us with her presence… but I guess that’s Hollywood!

While we spent an afternoon in Beverly Hills, watched an evening Sunset at the Observatory in Griffith Park, went to a live rehearsal for “Victorious,” or walked the stars at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd, Bex joined us when she could. A few late season auditions came in, so frankly — she had work to do!

Wednesday, April 4 a 101 mile day


Today was a VERY busy day, and Mama Jett got us everywhere we needed to go — which was apparently everywhere! With auditions at both Disney and Warner Brothers, and a call-back at Disney, there was not a lot of down-time. But it was fun for all of us to get a sense of Bex’s schedule when things are busy. AND, it was a good thing it was only one day while we were all there. This is what the day looked like, starting at about 7:30 a.m. and concluding at about 9:30 p.m.:

101 Miles +

1 coaching on 2 scripts

1 visit to prospective school

2 auditions and 1 callback

1 shlock shop at The Alley

1 Sunset at The Observatory

1 dinner with cousin Marley

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