Bex is Back in Hollywood


Back in Hollywood! Bex is working on some projects, auditioning a lot, and navigating a whole new world.

Social media has changed the way that people communicate, and that is no exception for people in the public eye. As a Digital Native, Bex understands this new mode of communication, and speaks it fluently. It’s been a graceful conversation to watch.

When she’s not preparing a script for an audition or working on a project, Bex can be found on social media — Ask.FM, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (and probably more we don’t know about). She is in an ongoing conversation with friends and fans, joining in their celebration and admiration of Bullet, answering their questions with a level of sophistication that is stunning, and frankly, inspiring.

Truth is, Bex has engaged in a sophisticated conversation about gender, on an international scale, with a level of confidence and clarity that eludes our generation.

What we’ve found most compelling is her empowering and compassionate responses to the many teens and young adults — struggling with their own gender identities — who are reaching out to Bex for acceptance and understanding.


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  1. This girl is ON FIRE — and she’s blazing an inspirational trail, both onscreen and off, which affirms that it is okay to be, in her own phrase, “perfectly imperfect.” To adopt Holder’s expression, she is “pretty unforgettable” 🙂 Way to go, Bex!

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