Watch “Inside Episode 303” before Episode 304 Airs Tonight


Sorry for the radio silence these last few weeks since the debut of The Killing.

It has been exciting and surreal, and it’s honestly hard to capture the essence of it all in a simple, short blog post.

We’re processing it all, and will share when the time feels right. Until then…

There’s a great “behind the scenes” video following Episode 303 that features Bex quite prominently, explaining what Bullet was thinking about in that episode.

You might want to watch this before tonight’s episode 4. (there is a brief, 15 sec commercial at the start)

Also, check out this preview for tonight’s show:

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  1. Bex is remarkable as Bullet. She is natural, piercingly funny, and shows a breathtaking range of emotions simply through her eyes and facial expressions. She has me mezmorized, and I can’t wait to watch her in Episode 4 tonight — and in all the remaining episodes of Season 3. Congratulations to Bex and to the entire Taylor-Klaus family on this stunning achievement.

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