That’s a Wrap: High School Is Complete


Let’s see… in less than 2 weeks, the one and only Bex TK has:

  • attended her first Cast & Crew premiere
  • been interviewed by the Atlanta Journal & Constitution (and others)
  • returned to family in LA for some fresh air and a few evenings on the “sleeping porch,” and
  • graduated from HS (in “Bullet Boots,” of course)

Witnessed by her parents and her LA family, Bex graduated from Bridges Academy, where the Dean of Students likened her to Rosalind from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” — fiercely loyal and brave.


We only had a day together before Bex was needed  back in Vancouver to film a series of Webisodes. Back to the airport we went, Bex heading to Vancouver, and Mom and Dad back to her siblings in Atlanta.

This time, Bex got to stay at a beautiful water-front hotel and thoroughly enjoyed an evening to herself, buoyed by the gluten-free chocolate cake on the room service menu!

After a full day filming webisodes, and a movie night with her peeps, Bex headed back to LA for Memorial Day celebrations at the iconic Oakwood Apartments.

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  1. So proud and excited for you, Bex, and all the T-Ks. What an exciting experience for you all.
    Love and hugs. We’ll be watching on Sunday! AK and UK in Bflo

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