Character & Cast Bios on Official “Killing” Site


AMC just posted the Character profiles and the Cast Profiles on The Killing‘s official AMC site.

Meet Bullet:

Bullet looks like a boy, talks like a boy but is, in fact, a girl, a tough scrappy lesbian who’s lived on the streets of Seattle since she was 13 years old. Fierce and funny, Bullet protects herself with her larger-than-life bravado and a fearlessness that can sometimes get her into trouble. Bullet is in love with another street kid, a hooker named Lyric, but she has no idea how to express feelings like love and so she’ll pine, unrequited, and forever be a “good friend.” Bullet is the self-appointed protector of all the street girls and she takes this responsibility with a grave seriousness that can often mean throwing down on the street with guys twice her size… and winning. Deeply distrustful of adults (especially men and authority figures), Bullet will forge an unlikely alliance with Holder who somehow is the one person in the world who completely understands her, and she him.

Meet Bex:

Bex Taylor-Klaus was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and is a fourth generation Atlantan. She has two passions that she has pursued throughout her life: sports and acting. An all-around athlete, Taylor-Klaus played on her high school varsity softball team as a freshman and began her acting training with Shakespeare in an after-school program in the third grade. In high school, Taylor-Klaus performed in her school’s improv troupe, and in junior high started a acting troupe with friends to train young actors.

An interview with Veena Sud, Executive Producer

In this interview, Veena talks about developing the storyline for Season 3, her fascination with cops & serial killers, AND Bex!

Q: What did you enjoy most about brainstorming new characters for Season 3?

A: It’s a matter simply of going out into the real world and doing the research. This season myself and the writers spent time watching documentaries and talking to people in those worlds. Real life is so much stranger than fiction. The character of Bullet, who’s played brilliantly by Bex Taylor-Klaus, was loosely based on a girl in the documentary Streetwise. She was this brutish, tough, baller kind of girl who would just throw down with anybody and everybody, the self-appointed guardian of young girls on the street, running around in her baseball jerseys and baseball caps, with this deep boyish voice. She was so fascinating to us.

The buzz is picking up …

Also, there are a couple of fan sites popping up (comment below if you find any more):

Just 13 Days until the premiere!

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