Vancouver, April, 2013 — Milestone Achieved



Teen Leaves High School to Make a Killing

Bex TK completes requirements for High School Graduation

On Friday, April 19, Bex TK fulfilled all the requirements for graduation from Bridges Academy, when the supposed “rough-draft” of her final paper on The Actor’s Studio received a solid A!

After 8 educational institutions over 16 years (9 if you include the tutoring program on set at The Killing), Bex completed her course-work AHEAD of schedule!

If we had only known that it would take a full-time job for Bex to finish High School, we might have tried that sooner!” said her mother, who is relieved to be out of a job as educational advocate for a while.

Special appreciation goes out to the producers at The Killing, who arranged for the superior tutoring services of Natalie Smith; to Natalie Smith, who faithfully shepherded Bex to completion, and to Carl Sabatino and Chris Wiebe at Bridges Academy, whose wisdom in differentiating the curriculum to engage Bex in her final semester made all the difference.

Of course, Bex gets full credit for completing the work, and persevering through years of structured learning that never really met her learning style. As Bex so aptly stated in January, “I love learning, but schooling is killing me.” Well it turns out The Killing enabled Bex to put an end to the murderous drudgery of High School studies.

On May 18, when her Paideia peers are celebrating across the stage, Bex will be calling it a wrap on The Killing — excited to return to LA with two major milestones under her belt:

  1. a completed role as a series regular in The Killing, and
  2. an accomplished high school graduate!

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  1. Hooray hooray hooray!
    I can imagine how wonderful Bex feels…and her parents!!!!!! Thrilled to hear such super news! Enjoy the now! Always, LZ

  2. Can’t access rest of “milestone” article. Darn. I’m a 68 yr old grandmother in Louisiana – just want to give kudos to performance of young, talented actress.

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