Life in Vancouver, April 2013


As usual, much has happened in a relatively short time frame in the life of Bex. Living alone in an apartment in Vancouver — albeit a stunning, contemporary pad with a luxurious view — has introduced Bex to some mundane realities of adult life. She’s gotten to manage laundry, and meals, and how to get herself to the gym with more time than motivation. All in all, it’s been a great experience for her.

Being on a TV show can be a feast-or-famine kind of experience. After 6 weeks of constant work, no breaks, and pure exhaustion, there were a few weeks in April with just enough time off to get really bored.

Truth is,  Bex would rather have a heavy work schedule than endure the grueling boredom of an open calendar.

Make-up crew of The Killing challenges cast to stay pale ... or else!

The Killing‘s make-up crew challenges cast to stay pale … or else!

She has been asked not to spend too much time in the sun (when it makes an appearance) until she is done filming, so that limits some of the fabulous outdoor opportunities that Vancouver has to offer. Sure, she could walk the seawall at 7 a.m., but let’s be serious — she’s still 18!

So, weekends tend to be filled with movie-nights with other members of the cast, and apparently she’s managed to make it through the first 4 seasons of Bewitched. Endora would be proud!

Thankfully, April delivered a special treat for Bex to break up the monotony of a slow episode. Her dear friend, Sophie, went to visit UBC Vancouver as one of her university choices. She and Bex had a couple of wonderful days to play and enjoy. Just the right touch of home — and just what Bex needed — thanks, Soph!

Action is picking up in the filming of episode 7, and Bex is back to a more intense schedule — and she’s thrilled.

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