Vancouver, Week 6


Bex returned to Vancouver on Monday (3/25/13), refreshed and rejuvenated. As her tutor, Natalie, wrote: “LA is just what Bex needed – she’s full of energy and joy.”

Apparently, it was another busy week, though. As of that Thursday, Bex had not yet had a chance to unpack in the new apartment! In fact, they ran so late filming on Thursday night that when they finally wrapped at 1:15 a.m., the scene they were working on wasn’t done. So now, instead of a day off on Monday, Bex has a 5:45 a.m. pick up to complete the scene before the regular day of filming begins. OY! At least, she’s only in that one scene on Monday, so after 3 hours of schooling she’ll be done for the day!

Schooling has been going well and Natalie has been keeping things pushing forward at a steady pace. Bex is literally weeks away from completing all of her work to graduate. This week, she finished her online  History class — huge accomplishment! One course down, two to go. Once she finishes her Independent Study on the Actor’s Studio, all that will remain will be an Economics course. So close she can taste it.

It’s still unclear whether she’ll be in LA for graduation in late May. But if not, that will be good news — it will mean that she’s been written into additional episodes. (At this point, we know that she’ll be in 8!). Since we don’t get much information about an episode until the week before it films, we have no way of knowing what to expect.

It’s sorta fun, actually. They’re very close-mouthed about everything at The Killing — no one in the cast knows what’s going to happen in advance. WE found out from FACEBOOK that the season will air on June 2! I’ve got a whole new appreciation for what it means to have autonomy to plan our lives. The truth is, when an actor is working, they have virtually no control over their schedules and it is extremely difficult to plan anything. It really takes a particular temperament to be okay with that. Ideal for someone who doesn’t like to plan.  Challenging for people who do.

Don’t get me wrong — the schedule is EXTREMELY well organized — and quite complicated. At the beginning of each episode we get something that’s nicknamed DOOD — the “Day out of Days.”


Someone had to teach us how to read it! Since each episode has 7 filming days in it, the DOOD identifies for EACH actor which day the actor Starts Work in that episode (SW), the specific days of filming, and the finish day for that episode (FW). This is followed by a breakdown of which scenes are planned to be filmed on each day, with the actors identified and the total number of pages from the script expected to be filmed each day. The detail is excruciating, really. It is all CLEARLY MARKED — SUBJECT TO CHANGE! … and it does! Veterans can look at the scenes and number of pages on the DOOD and make a pretty good guess whether it’s all likely to get done in a given day, or whether it’s likely to be a late night. The production teams do an amazing job of planning. And then, they do an even better job of responding to what actually happens!

Despite the grueling schedule, Bex is loving the work! She’s particularly excited about the script for next week when they begin filming episode 5. Don’t ask me — I have no clue why. She’s thrilled, though.

With Good Friday off, and a weekend with blissfully nothing planned, Bex’s introvert is in the lead —  she’s resting and retreating. Now that she’s filming 5 out of 7 days in this episode (was originally 4), the few days off are really a chance to catch up on sleep, learn lines and chill out. Movie nights with other members of the cast seem to be the only outside activity she wants to do.

She was saying the other day that she’s frustrated that she’s not in closer touch with friends and family — she wants to be and is feeling a little guilty, but she’s just so exhausted. By the end of each day, she’s been around people constantly for 12+ hours a day and she’s all ‘talked out.’ So, we’re trying not to take it too personally 🙂 Truth is, she’s managing her energy well. I know there will be time after the filming to catch up. By then, she’ll have some really great stories to tell!

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