Vancouver, Week 3

First, a note from your sponsor… David and I want to thank everyone for the incredible support and encouragement you’ve given Bex and all of us. I love that so many people are enjoying this blog. It’s fun to write, and I’m happy to keep it going when I can. Sometimes, life interferes – like a 10 ton tree falling onto the house 30 hours after I returned from Vancouver(!) — so please accept the gaps as part of the story, and thanks for your patience. I will try to keep up with what’s happening.

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I believe I was writing about an average day on-set. In this post, I’m going to focus on the food and the schooling.

Every day on set is actually scaffolded by the food, which is determined by the hours of the crew. Natalie’s suggestion to arrive hungry was so true. Food service starts at the time of crew call – let’s say it’s 8 or 9 a.m. – with a hot breakfast, including made-to-order eggs or omelets, bacon, fresh fruit, etc. The regulars know exactly what they want, and the fabulous food staff anticipates the needs of the cast and crew. The chefs respond with such kindness, and provide such delicious, healthy fare, that it’s hard to believe all this fabulous food is being produced in a big blue truck!

The food starts with breakfast at crew call at The Circus, and continues on set. Craft Services (sp?) provides ongoing support throughout the day, including coffee and tea, as well as basic snacks such as a variety of nuts, fresh fruit, donuts and such. There is almost ALWAYS some food available – it does a Jewish Mother’s heart good!

Exactly 3 hours after Crew Call the word whispers through the crew, “sandwiches are out!” A spread of sandwiches, crudités, etc. is provided – truly a great spread, including “protein-cups” with hummus or sliced meat and veggies, ideal for the gluten-free folk. The first day I thought that was lunch, but it’s really just a hearty snack. Funny, though – it would seem so soon after breakfast – it’s amazing how hungry everyone is by then!

Unfortunately, the actors are often otherwise occupied rehearsing, taking direction, or being whisked away for “schooling” by the tutor. Fortunately, the tutor and some of the Hair and Make-up staff are pretty good about putting food aside for the actors. Especially Mariah – she’s gluten-free, too, and takes really good care of Bex!

So the day goes like this, a sweet, fruit and nuts buffet all day, and a ‘meal’ every 3 hours. Gotta love those unions! When there is a break from filming – to re-set the equipment for a new perspective – the younger cast members then sit down to do schoolwork. By that time, the tutor has established a make-shift “classroom” on set – sometimes easier to do than others. It’s really incredible that these kids can get ANYthing done – remember, they’ve been going non-stop, often since the wee hours of the morning – but it’s part of the expectation, and they all seem to accept it as the trade-off for doing what they love! Besides, you can’t argue with such a small ratio (no more than 3 kids, generally), and it’s easier to do when your friends are doing it, too. I suspect they’d all agree it’s still a better way to spend the day than a typical day at school!

Three hours after “sandwiches,” cast and crew are loaded up in vans and SUVs to return to The Circus, this time for a hot, catered luncheon, generally with fresh salads and vegetables, and three entrees to choose from. Everyone gets their plate and eats in a warm tent, and gets to relax for a few minutes before returning to make-up. Lunch is a total of an hour an a half, and it’s a chance to re-group, find people you’ve been wanting to talk with, and get ready to do it all again. Keep in mind, since it’s six hours after crew call, it’s often at 3:00 in the afternoon. Again, a Jewish mother’s dream – if Bex has breakfast and lunch on set, I’m just not worried about what she has for dinner!  Of course, three hours later, there’s another snack on set, but I don’t seem to remember it as much.

Bottom line: where there is a crew, there is food every 3 hours. And when kids are on set, there’s at least an hour of schooling to be done that day.

On the days when Bex is not on set, she still gets schooling – with an expectation of at least 3 hours. Julia is a local actor, so if she is filming at least 3 days in an episode, then she is required to have schooling on set – and Bex just goes there for school if Julie is on set and Bex is not. Otherwise, the tutor works with Bex in her apartment. It’s really a great arrangement!

We love the tutor who has been hired for Bex, and while we were afraid we were going to lose her to another show, it looks like Bex will get to keep working with her for a while. Natalie is great – part tutor, part advisor, part advocate, part friend. Just who Bex needs!

Status report: As of March 15, “The Killing” is currently filming it’s 3rd episode of the 2013 season.


Vancouver, Week 3

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  1. I love it. You know I devour every word. If we ate that much that often we would be rolled off the set! Love, MOM

  2. Amazing journey, Bex (and the rest of the T-K family)! Glad to share in it by reading the blog.
    I’m proud of all you are doing and learning in so many ways. Love and hugs always, AuntKathy

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