Vancouver, Week 2 (Act 1), with Mom


After three days of independence — where Bex missed her siblings and contemplated getting a puppy for about 15 seconds — Elaine arrived in Vancouver to be mama-on-the-ground for the first week of filming.

Sunday hosted a walk about Vancouver to discover a less pricy grocery store, where we ran into Mirelle‘s husband and daughter (hubby known to many of you as Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Sunday afternoon and evening, a cast bonding experience during the Oscar’s set the stage for a great week! Lyric’s (Julia)’s mother, Sue, invited Max, Bex and me to dinner and an Academy Awards watching party. It was a pleasure to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal (complete with home-rolled bison and black bean enchiladas, and scrumptious GF Chocolate brownies, from scratch!) while we watched the events unfold from red-carpet to press conference. Max, Bex and Julia get along beautifully — hard to believe they only met less than a week ago!

Although the third season of The Killing began shooting at 5:30am Monday morning, Bex starts shooting Wednesday.

Here’s how it works: each episode has 7 filming-days, which usually spread out across 9 or 10 days because of weekends. Bex is in at least 7 of the 12-13 episodes, and can be called upon for between 2 and 5 of the filming days. There is a tremendous amount of variability in the schedules. The production folk have two teams, and while one is in filming, the other begins planning the next episode. So Bex will learn her schedule every 7-10 days, generally no more than one week out. BUT … last minute changes are expected to be the rule, rather than the exception.

Monday and Tuesday were spent “banking” hours with the tutor, running lines, and trying not to be too nervous. Right.

Bex’s call is at 7:30 on Wed. morning, and Sue is kind enough to drive us all to the location. I started wondering — do we need to wake up early enough to eat before we go? But Natalie assured me, we should go to the set hungry! So, I’ll leave you hungry for more with this description of an average day’s catering, and I’ll catch you again after Lyric, Twitch, Kallie and Bullet take the streets!

…an amazing catered breakfast with made to order stuff, as well; and they should be able to accommodate Bex’s gluten free needs. They serve it until crew call (which is 9 am tomorrow). Then, 3 hours after crew call, sandwiches and soup or something warm comes out; and 6 hours after crew call is lunch. A hot snack 3 hours after lunch, and some sort of take-out if crew is still there 6 hours after lunch. Not to mention the usually stocked craft service.


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