Vancouver, Week 1, with Dad


After a lightning speed turn-around exit from LA — with notice on Thursday morning that Bex had to be in Vancouver to report to wardrobe on Monday — Bex’s Fabulous “Hollywood Goes to Vancouver Adventure” was off to a solid start. Thank God David was already in LA and able to shift his schedule to help Bex get out of town! The logistics involved were mind-boggling! But the network helped a lot, arranged for David to accompany Bex, and they headed to Vancouver on Sunday afternoon.


Bex had a VERY full first two days setting up an apartment and getting a cast physical, while paying her visits to wardrobe, hair, makeup and round one of props. All of that was peppered with introductions to people, process, protocols, paperwork and a precious puppy.

VancouverDigsThe apartment is in the “official” hotel of The Killing, right in the center of downtown Vancouver.

Unfortunately, the studio is 45+ minutes away in Burnaby. Guess its a good thing that Bex is playing a “street” kid, so many of her scenes will be filmed on location in the streets of Vancouver! Public Transportation is manageable, but it’s a lot to navigate when you’re new to a city, new to an industry, new to a career, new to living independently…you get the picture!

As David headed back to Atlanta around 4 a.m., Bex started a new life of independent living — she officially lives alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in Vancouver, BC. WOW!

A “day off” on Wednesday — which meant she spent several hours with the tutor provided by the studio (enter Natalie — Fabulous Natalie!). She also had several hours of school-time on Thursday morning before the entire cast had a read-through on Thursday afternoon, followed by a cast dinner to get to know each other. Bex arrived early and sat next to co-Executive Producer Ron French — and by the time the evening was over, Ron was sending a scout to Bex’s Acting Class Showcase in LA on Saturday morning. Bex is determined to figure out a way to get her sister-from-another-mother to visit Vancouver — preferably with a job! 😉

Friday was technically an off day, with some tutor time, and some tweaking and testing for wardrobe, hair, makeup and props. With episode #1 set to start filming on Monday, Elaine arrived in Vancouver on Saturday to book-end David’s support at the beginning of the week.

So that was it. Vancouver, British Columbia. The first week.


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