May 15th – Long Overdue Update on Bex


Sorry for the delay — we’ve been really busy figuring things out! Ready for an update on the new developments in Bex’s adventures in Hollywood?

We last saw our heroine managing life, auditions, friends, family and school in LA — and managing it all pretty well.

When the family arrived for Spring Break, it was clear that Bex was happier — and healthier — than she’s ever been in her life. She had found a place where she can be herself — something she’s always done really well — and actually be acknowledged and accepted for it! Even embraced and encouraged! What’s more, her allergies were under control and she was not constantly sick like she is in Atlanta. She was incredibly happy — except at the prospect of returning to Atlanta.

Now, I guess we could have been offended by that, but the truth is that we were ALL so happy to see Bex happy, it was easy to accept the next, inevitable decision. It was time to find a way for Bex to stay in LA.

AND, we did. What else could two life-coach-parents do?

So, here’s the news. Bex is going to be moving to LA this summer. She will complete her Senior year there, and live with Sierra, and Sierra’s mom and brother. She has been accepted to a really cool school called Bridges Academy (their logo even looks like a π!), where she will be a “credit” student. That way, she can complete the credits she needs for graduation, and still have enough time to go on auditions.

This summer, Bex will hopefully participate in the NY Film Academy summer Film Making camp, and maybe even take an adventure before that. But by August 12, her 18th birthday, she’ll be moving into an apartment in LA and living her dream!

It’s not exactly what we expected, but then again, nothing ever is. Bex is definitely leaving Atlanta sooner than expected, but it also really makes sense, and feels like the right decision at the right time. So, it’s not a traditional path. Look who we’re talking about!

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