March 31st – The Eye Infection


There are MANY great things about having a cousin in LA. This week, the BEST thing was that when Bex woke up looking like a cyclops, Marley had an eye doctor for her to visit. That’s the good news. The bad news was that she had to visit the doctor several times, cause what started as a simple stye in the eye turned into a full-blown infection. Yuch!

Meanwhile, as the guard changed and Grammie and Poppy returned to Atlanta, the eye wasn’t improving. Bex was scheduled to go into the doctor on Friday morning to have the eye drained. YUCK again. There was a stressful few hours there when Elaine was stuck at a training in Orlando, and David actually pulled Josh and Syd out of school early on Friday to get out to Cali to be with Bex and her poor eye 😦  The good news? Bex woke up Fri morning with the swelling down and the drainage was averted. The bad news is that the TKs to the Rescue were already en route by the time she woke up. Ok, it wasn’t all bad news. The family was (almost) reunited, the kids were happy, and by evening time David and kids were all able to go see the opening night of “Mirror, Mirror.” A great way to start Spring Break.

Saturday David, Syd and Josh went to Santa Monica (killer GF Pizza!), and Bex started catching up on missing school work. Elaine arrived that night and the family was reunited for the first time since late January!

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