April 5th – Last 24 hours of Spring Break–SO Hollywood


Photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly!! Fabulous Spread — we actually felt like celebrities. Bex and 4 other kids were selected to represent the Oakwood Apartments in an article on life at the Oakwood about young people who go out to LA to try to get work. It was a LOT of fun — they even took pics of the whole family.

And while Bex was at her photo-shoot, Sierra found out that a PSA she had filmed is going national! It was a great day!

The family left the photo-shoot for a taping of “A.N.T. Farm,” while Bex stayed back to pack and get ready to return to Atlanta for a few months.

As for the Ant Farm taping: OMG  The kids loved it, and Elaine was seen texting –secretly, because it’s not allowed — “HELP, I’m Being Held Captive in a LOUD Studio Audience!”

Bex wasn’t with us, but her Agent was actually watching the taping from the set. He got to come and go as he pleased, no monitors for his cell-phone usage or bathroom breaks. Honestly, it felt a little like a EST weekend.

Thomas (the agent) came into the audience to see David and me. He thanked us for letting Bex come out for the season. “It was so close.” Great to get to see him before we left. I guess there are no coincidences.

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