Saturday, Bex and G’ma go to a Phish Concert!


No, we couldn’t make this one up. Here’s how it happened.

About a week ago, Grandma decided she wanted to go see a concert in Disney’s Concert hall while she was in LA. There wash nothing playing Friday night, but there was an unusual event on Saturday night. So she called me and asked if I thought Bex would like to go to a Phish concert. After I picked up my bottom jaw, we talked about the possibilities, implications, etc. With many questions unanswered, we hung up the phone so that G’ma could call the Amex concierge — to check into the possibility of buying Phish tickets!?

I mean, how often does ANYONE get to call American Express for help buying tickets to a sold-out Phish concert!?

Grandma explains below.

<posted by Elaine>

Saturday brought a relaxed afternoon with a Netflix movie and visiting with friends.  This place is like a large camp with campers of every age. It is really a protected community and wonderfully friendly. 

This was the night for the concert at the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Trey Anastasio, lead composer, singer, guitarist of PHISH performed with the L.A. Philharmonic to a sold out crowd of twenties, thirties and forties.  We were the bookends, the oldest and the youngest, and messed up their demographics.

It is a fabulous building and hall with incredible acoustics. The evening was a real treat.  Came home to more socializing and looking forward to Sunday and some sightseeing.

<posted by Grandma>

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