Friday, the Action Picks up


More school followed by a haircut at a very trendy salon in W. Hollywood.  It was recommended by one of Bex’s local friends as the place where Justin Bieber gets his hair cut. It was a fun experience but not to be repeated until Bex hits the big time.

From there to a nearby large and lovely shopping mall where we made the hunt for just the right makeup.  Struck it right at Macy ‘s with Origins cosmetics and a lovely young woman to teach the application process.  Afterward, Bex and Sierra, who had joined us for the afternoon, went off on their own for a few minutes in search of coffee.

Then the crazy Hollywood business struck. The girls came running back in a flurry — Sierra got an audition with an Agent, and they had to get there immediately. It’s now after 4pm on Friday afternoon (remember Hollywood traffic?). So off we went to find the office. After a relatively small wait, Sierra and her mother were thrilled that the agent signed her on.  That agency had been their first choice! Sierra is set, for now, with both an agent and a manager! Sometimes it takes months, even years, for people to find representation, so this is amazing news.

By now we had to move. We had reserved seats at Universal Studios Citywalk complex which is a garrish, noisy, open air amusement happening with restaurants, shops, and movies.  It is so kitsch that it’s fun! We went to see JOHN CARTER, a second time for Bex, in IMAX and 3D. It was so bad that it was funny. Hard Rock Cafe for late salads and home where the girls stayed up until they crashed, long after Grandma did.

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