Wednesday-Thursday, Grandma settles into town


The Mills family departs, and the changing of the guard (and the beds — thank goodness for housekeeping!) brings Grandma to LA for a week. Bex returns home from school to hugs and kisses. Auditions and call backs happened earlier in the week so things are quiet now.  Tonight is class with Adrian followed by after class socializing.

Their assignment was to do their monolog while engaging in some other activity. Bex decided to sit on the floor and play solitaire during the monolog. Her rehearsal at home was so moving.  The report from others was that it was a huge success in class. Adrian said he would put her up against anyone.

Thursday was tutoring until lunchtime followed by lunch at home, neuro feedback and a visit to Trader Joe’s for provisions. We cooked hamburgers on the very nice outdoor grills and met and visited with neighbors as karaoke night began. Grandma met Sierra’s mother and assured her that Sierra will be much safer with Bex driving than she will be with G’ma driving in LA!

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