Wednesday, Mom arrives


David picks me up at the airport around 7 p.m. — our 5th anniversary after 20 years of marriage. Bex has arranged to spend the night out so we could have a romantic evening. As Bex told David –“Dad, it’s a small apartment, and I’m impressionable.”

Champagne + patio = Mmmmmm

On the way home from the airport we google “Romantic LA” and find the 10th most romantic place in LA, a lovely Mediterranean restaurant called “Mantee” in Studio City with an outdoor garden. We call, and the gentle proprietor Rafi guides us to his private parking lot and stewards us to a corner table in the garden, tucked away behind a tree. The chef is Rafi’s son, Jonathan, who comes out to visit as well.

A split of champagne, some absolutely delicious food, and we couldn’t have planned this if we had tried.

We get home to find Bex in the apartment getting her stuff together. Truth is, I really wanted to see her, so I was happy for the 20 minutes of banter and typical teen-ager-ness.

Good to be here. Strange at how comfortable it feels. Home is where my kids are, for sure 🙂

<posted by Elaine> <photos by David>

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  1. Gee, hearing that makes me think to L.A. Story! One of my favorites. Happy 5th!
    Must be wonderful being guests of in Bex’ home! Love, M

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