Leadership and The Pine Cone Incident


As Bex opens the door and comes in to the apartment, David can already here the sobbing. “I’ve done something terrible,” she moans as she rounds the corner. Before he can even finish saying, Do you need a lap?” Bex is climbing onto her daddy’s lap. Such pain and sorrow. Of course, David is trying to remain calm.

And then the story unfolds. She knew just as soon as it left her hand that she should have thrown it a different direction. But 11 years as a softball player, coupled with unusually solid pine-cones, make for a mess of a broken window.

As Bex tells it, a group of kids were outside, running around and playing some organized version of chase. Oakwood is a giant playground to them, and they were outside running. In the dark, Bex stepped on a pine cone — remember, they are unusually huge and heavy — and responded to the hurt by playfully launching the cone … right into the window of an apartment not very nearby (she’s got a good arm!)

There was screaming involved, as you can imagine, probably followed by a gaggle of teenagers trying to figure out what to do. Bex stayed. She took the lead, went up to the apartment, took responsibility, and apologized. The screaming stopped as she assured the residents that she would pay for it — with her own money — and cleaned up the mess, herself. The crying didn’t begin until she put the key in the door of her own apartment.

David’s reaction? Pride. Pure elated pride. He urged Bex to imagine what she taught all those other kids by taking responsibility for her mistake. Sometimes, Bex realized, it’s not Soooo bad to have coaches as parents!

Mom’s reaction? Amazement. After all those years as a softball player, Bex has NEVER broken a window! Wow — how did she make it that long?

Bottom line: Our Child Broke a Window and We Were Proud.

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