Sunday, the Grammys

Hearty breakfast followed by the Show Biz Expo at Oakwood, a regular “exhibition” offered for residents. Bex and Brooke went first, shmoozed and mingled. I found them chatting with show biz peop.  One woman thought I was Bex’s mom 🙂 and Brooke was her little sis… C U T E. Bex has so much personality and style!!
Then Bex hung with her show biz friends. They tried to go to the Grammy’s, but could not get in. To her credit, Bex skipped an opportunity to sneak in because she didn’t think the mother of the 7 year old girl with her would have appreciated it! She rehearsed some lines with a friend and made it back for dinner and to watch the Grammy’s.
Brooke wanted to see all of the “stars” on the street, so we spent the day in Hollywood. There are blocks and blocks of stars! Where do they start? Where do they end? I read that it costs about $30,000 per star?! Across from Trader Joe’s on Vine St we ate lunch at an awesome restaurant, Tender Greens. Great people watching!
Also, Trader Joe’s is pretty much the same as in Atlanta, but we couldn’t figure out why I could not push the shopping cart out of the store. It just stopped, jammed. Then a man in a wheel chair outside explained that it was security. We learned that they had so many carts missing — like 400 – 600 — and they cost $200 + per cart to replace, so they can’t leave the building.
Laundry was done today so the actress has a closet full of clean clothes now…and a fridge of healthy, colorful foods too… The start of a great week…despite the fact that the world does not have Whitney Houston in it any more… So sad…

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