Wednesday night, “she’s on fire!”


One thing for sure about our former LAPD agent, he’s not exactly effusive. During the day he’s harried – brusque, quick and rushed. Apparently, he’s different in the evenings.

The phone rang after 11:30 p.m. Atlanta time. I think Thomas was trying to reach Bex and called my number instead. But since he was uncharacteristically unhurried, we talked for about 10-15 minutes. Okay, he talked, I beamed.

“She’s on fire!” he said. She’s one of “the best clients I have right now!” He went on to tell me that the feedback from the Casting directors has been consistently excellent — she’s so fresh and different and they are loving her. And by the way, she did NOT flub up the audition with Gwynneth Paltrow 🙂 After one of the call-backs today, they were ready to use her, but they do not have the parents selected for the show and they need them in place before they can cast the role of the daughter.

But Thomas was in no way negative, or concerned — he wanted me to know that she is doing an amazing job, even better than they expected. It was clear that he and the manager are putting their reputation on the line in recommending a kid like Bex who has no credits to her name, yet. But it’s clearly paying off, and everyone seems quite pleased!

Most importantly, Bex is happy and fulfilled. She’s doing what she loves, she has good friends, and I don’t know that she has ever been so active or engaged in her life. From a parent’s perspective, when your child finds her passion and allows it to motivate her to live fully, there is nothing better in the world!

Tomorrow Greg leaves, and Sarah joins the team. Stay tuned!

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