Wednesday, Call Backs & Celebrities


No school today because of an 11 am call-back for the comedy show. This time, we went across the street to the Warner Brothers lot. There is even more history there than at Paramount. Each studio has a plaque on the exterior declaiming notable movies filmed there, going back to the 1930s.

During the wait at this studio I finally saw the first person to qualify as a celebrity: Greg Germann, best known as one of the leads in “Ally McBeal,” the “bygones!” guy.

We spent roughly three times as long here as at any other audition. The reason: out of the seven girls called back, only Bex was asked to stick around and do another reading from a different excerpt from the script. Score.

After a quick break for lunch, it was on to the second callback, this one for the cop drama, also at Warner Bros. Just a quick indication of how fierce the competition is: I’ve only been doing this two days, and even I noticed how many of the same girls come out for the same roles.

When Bex came out of this audition, she didn’t seem as up as when coming out of the other ones. When I asked why, she said it was because she flubbed her lines and had to start over and “they never like it when you have to do that.” I said that seemed to be very out of character for her. From what I’ve seen, she has a great command of the material. She replied that she had been thrown off by the presence of “this blond actress I recognized sitting behind the producer.” Who was it? “I can’t remember her name, but she looks kind of like Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow’s character from “Friends”].” OK, do you remember any roles she has been in? “No.”

Ten minutes later, as we are once again flying to get her to acting camp on time, she remembers: “she played the substitute teacher in ‘Glee!’ ” Of course, she is talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s right – Bex was auditioning for Chris Martin’s wife, Beyoncé’s best friend and Blythe Danner’s daughter!

Another latish dinner of rice, beans and vegetables, followed by a little research on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon led to another early bedtime, because Bex agreed to go work out with a friend of hers who is trying to lose weight.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m bound for the right coast tomorrow, so I won’t be able to regale you with how Bex did at her audition for “Save Me.” Thanks to David and Elaine for having the enormous amount of faith in me and giving me the opportunity to reconnect with my goddaughter for a unique week. Although, based on what I have observed, it seems as though if I want to spend more time with Bex, odds are getting better that I’ll have to come back to Cali, Cali, Cali to do so.


Parent’s Note: HUGE thanks goes out to our incredible village, with Godfather Greg leading the way. Greg–we couldn’t have made this happen for Bex without you. Much love! E & D

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