Tuesday: Disney audition & Call Backs!

Breakfast and school, followed by an audition for an existing show: the Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” where Bex was up for the role of an employee at a fast-food place. There were multiple auditions going on for the show, and one character was an overweight male employee of the fast-food place. There must have been a dozen guys wandering around, all clad in trucker hats and unbuttoned long-sleeve shirts with T-shirts underneath. Sadly, I didn’t recognize any of them.
After the audition, we finally had time to go to the Venice Boardwalk. Except that Bex had agreed to rehearse with one of her fellow complex-mates for a few hours. Good thing, too – news came in that she was 2-for-2.  She was called back for both of her Monday auditions!So, while she rehearsed, I went to Studio City for sushi and Trader Joe’s. While there, I realized how far I have to go in some areas of parenting. Elaine called to ask me what was going on for the evening. When I told her that Bex decided to stay at the complex to play football and/or go to CityWalk, E asked the deceptively simple question, “what is CityWalk?”  Silence. “Ummm, I think it’s a place in the city where you can walk around?” Needless to say, next time I will get more detailed information on my charge’s whereabouts. (BTW, CityWalk is part of Universal Studios – it is a pedestrian mall).Bex did manage to get a little break in the late afternoon. She texted her sister a photo of a huge bruise on her knee with this message: “Way worth it! I tackled some guy who was bothering us. He wouldn’t leave and he was dropping the F-bomb in front of little Gracie so I laid I’m out while he was texting — I pulled a Charlie Sheen and used my tiger blood to put him in his place–which happened to be five feet from where he had been standing a split second before!! ” I guess work-life balance has different meanings for different people.

A relatively early night, since we have an early start tomorrow.


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