Monday: Just another 14 hour day

Despite all assurances to the contrary, Southern California does have inclement weather. Grey, overcast skies greeted this first day of my official tenure as Bex’s chauffeur/cook/line reader. Despite the “stay-in-bed” quality of the morning, Bex managed to not only get out of bed eventually, but to get dressed, pack her messenger bag full and have a big breakfast – and still get to the tutoring class on time.
The afternoon found us going to two auditions. The first was at Paramount Studios (like everything else in Los Angeles, the back lot looks exactly like it does in the movies!) for a comedy pilot by Kari Lizer, best known as the writer/producer of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Bex was auditioning for the role of Harper, the lead character’s teenage daughter. The waiting room was nothing like I expected – no daggers being thrown by eyes, no passive-aggressive behavior by all the actors assembled to try out for one role – although I think some of the camaraderie was engendered by Bex’s ability to connect to people. In what I have come to realize is a typically Bex thing to do, she immediately found something that she liked about someone else’s ensemble – shoes, a pendant, jacket – and praised it, immediately disarming people and warming up the room. Very interesting to watch.
She felt the audition want well, and immediately started work prepping for the next one, a drama pilot where she was trying out for the role of the lead character’s sister, one with a checkered past. Much darker stuff. While I was wondering how we would kill the three hours before the audition – the Getty, MOCA, maybe Koreatown – Bex simply called her agent to see if there was any way to get her time moved up. Thanks to her sense of entitlement, simply by asking, she was able to get in right away, so we drove across town to the Century City Studios, where the late, great “Scrubs” was produced (now currently home of “Cougartown”). Another audition wrapped up, I thought at last we would be able to get something to eat.
Nope. We had to hightail it back across town so that she could make it to her acting camp. Did she want me to stop somewhere to get her a sandwich, a taco, a salad? No, she had a couple squares of chocolate and a chocolate lollipop – she was good to go.
So, to recap: three hours of school, two auditions, four hours of acting camp, and then home to eat … oh, and study up for the last-minute audition that just came in for tomorrow.

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