LA – Once again, You Gotta See It to Believe It


So as Bex goes to class, I set out on yet another only-in-LA adventure, this time with my friend Rhona, her wife and two of their friends. After dinner in Beverly Hills, we walk to the Writer’s Guild Theater to hear – get this – the medium, Rebecca Rosen.  This was probably one of the wildest experiences of my life.

Rebecca Rosen, Medium

First of all, Rebecca Rosen is a short, Jewish, Kabbalah-studying young woman. She can’t be much more than 35. But the woman is connected to energy in the world like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. I won’t go into the details, because if I weren’t there it would be REALLY hard to believe, but if you ever get a chance she’s worth the time and money to go see her.

She gave a 1 hour lecture that was validating and quite interesting (thanks for the notes, Rhona!):

Rosen referred to our 5 natural emotions: Grief, Anger, Envy, Fear and Love. She said that our higher self speaks to us through those emotions:

Grief is an outlet and a release.
Anger is a tool to say no.
Envy inspires us to try (try again, try harder, try for a longer period of time).
Fear cautions us to stay alive, to remain healthy and safe in the ways we can keep ourselves safe.
Love is the source of our joy and connection to everything in our lives and in the world.

When we repress our emotions (this is where she mentioned Kubler-Ross):
Grief becomes depression.
Anger becomes rage.
Envy becomes jealousy.
Fear becomes anxiety.
Love becomes possessiveness.

After her lecture, she proceeded to help “dead spirits” communicate with their living relatives in the room. It was awe-inspiring. I know, you may not believe it. I have no need to convince, so I’m moving on… tomorrow is an early morning!

By the way, I just learned that  Rebecca Rosen is going to be on an Oprah show on OWN on Tues Feb 7 at 7 pm. (It’s on Time Warner cable.) I plan to try to catch it, and I really can’t recommend it any more highly, even if you don’t believe this sort of thing.


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