Tuesday, Santa Monica strikes again


Still in transition between tutors and parents. David isn’t due in LA until Thursday, and Lauren and Brooke left on Saturday. Sarah has been sleeping in the apt with Bex at night, but much busier than expected, which has left Bex alone more than we’d hoped, for a few days. Things have been feeling a bit unsettled. Hard to figure out what’s going to work until we try it, but the last few days have definitely not been working. Rotten timing, unfortunately.

12:00 Bex makes it to Southern LA near USC to get coached on two upcoming auditions, one a third call back this afternoon, the other tomorrow.

1:00 Bex leaves USC area. The next couple of hours are a bit of a blur, finding a gas station, following the navigation system, etc.

3:00 Bex realizes she’s mistakenly plugged in the address at the bottom of the email from Thomas, which had taken her to Santa Monica. Unfortunately, the third call-back for the Disney series was expecting her in Burbank at 3:00. She wisely calls the manager to figure out what to do. The manager says, “start driving.”

3:02 Bex calls me in a panic. We get her calm and focused on driving. Nothing she could do but get to Burbank.

3:05 we get on the road. I accompany Bex, on speaker phone, from Santa Monica to Burbank, in rush hour traffic. I’m on the computer with a map at home, monitoring the traffic in LA and trying to help Bex weave her way through the city. The highway was solid red, not an option.

Meanwhile, I’m constantly fielding calls from the agent — where is she? what’s the ETA? why are you going that way? how much longer do you expect?

Did I mention that our internet was down at the house, and I was using my cell-phone as a hot-spot? That makes for a significantly slower connection, just in case you were wondering.

At the end of a harrowing hour — amazing how stressful it is to try to help someone else stay calm under pressure — I got off the phone to join the family for dinner at 7:10 (and thankful to David for a nice glass of wine), and Bex walked into the most important audition of her burgeoning career, to date — an hour late and flustered.

When she called afterward she said she didn’t think it went very well — shocking, I know — but she did have them laughing a bunch. She spent some time on the phone with her siblings, clearly seeking comfort from them in a way that makes a mama kvell!

And then she disappeared into the recesses of the Oakwood, losing herself in Hip-Hop and friends and letting go of a stressful day.

Elaine 😉

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