The Importance of Staying Grounded


Another day without a lot of activity – great, actually, for Bex to get started with the semester, though I can tell she’s starting to get antsy. Apparently, during Pilot Season, you can get an audition and the sides, but they may not schedule it for weeks – or they can schedule it the next day!

The Actor in her “Girl Cave” …

I’m learning that everyone out here has his/her favorite coaches, classes, etc. and there is no shortage of strong opinions. I’m trying to navigate between the agent and the manager, who are working together, but still have their favorites. Sometimes there are delicate decisions to make.  And I thought I was out of politics! So I started looking into the classes and coaches, and we’ll see what happens.

Bex went to class in the evening, and I went to dinner with my college friend, Bennett, who took me to an authentic Mexican restaurant near Koreatown 😉 It was so nice to hang out and feel relaxed and laugh a lot. Bennett – a brilliant, colorful character with a talent for story-telling – cautioned me about the business with sad tales of Brittany’s handlers and the lengths they’ll go to make a buck at her expense. I’m reminded again of how important it is for Bex to have supervision out here, and to keep grounded and centered.

While it’s not an easy task, I do believe that the many challenges that Bex has experienced throughout her life will serve her well in keeping perspective in this crazy world.


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