A Day to Regroup


Sunday …

Motivation is a wonderful thing. This morning Bex got up, showered, and ready to go, eager to see her friend Jenna Kennell from Atlanta, and go out to brunch. After a brief Jenna citing – I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to set my eyes on her, as any Jewish mother can understand – they went to Hollywood and I called Jenna’s mom to report that life is good!

In the afternoon, as usual, I worked and Bex napped. Among other things, I spent some time identifying places where Bex could safely take Mama Jett if she gets sick. Yep, life is good. We did have our first fight of the week about exercise – I wasn’t exactly buying that walking the streets of Hollywood Blvd. with Jenna counted as aerobic exercise. Otherwise, the day went smoothly.

The quiet day ended at a wonderful soup and salad dinner at our cousin Marley’s home in Sherman Oaks. Easy and comfortable, Bex began to share some of her experience, which she is often reticent to do.

It was an ideal way to start the week.


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