Newport & Balboa – “A Tale of Two Beaches”

Newport & Balboa – “A Tale of Two Beaches”

Despite LA traffic – which isn’t nearly as bad as everyone warns, but can crop up out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, at the strangest of times – we returned to Newport Beach for a medical appointment – and Mother’s Market, which is sorta like Return to Eden meets Whole Foods on steroids. It may be the best health food store I’ve ever visited!

After receiving great results, we caught the sunset before returning to LA.

Sunset chasers

It was great – we felt like the great Sunset hunters – following the signs and the sinking sun, finding our way to Balboa Beach, onto the little island, walking to the ferry, each moment watching the sun drop lower. Near the end we were speed walking to make it to the beach before we missed the sizzling dip of the sun into the water.

The sky began to turn a multitude of pinks and oranges, and we raced – Bex with a broken boot – to the shore. We made it, and held hands (at Josh’s request)! Bex searched for shells and I sunk my toes into the cold sand, and the sun set. After warming my feet at the beach fire-pit of a friendly family from Maine, we spent a bit of time at a silver/tattoo shop.

Next week’s audition is a very edgy teenager, and some ‘pseudo-spiky’ hoop earrings were in order – no new piercings, just earrings!

Bex hobbled back to the car – still with a broken boot – and we made it back to LA before 9, a long, full day. We toyed with going to the movies for about a second, but opted to go home. Bex likes to watch silly TV shows and NCIS, and I like movies, so we alternately watched Forest Gump (still satisfying my need to introduce Bex to the classics) and whatever else was on.

We’re both honestly home-bodies – someone will come get Bex out of the house, but it’s not likely to be me!


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