Hollywood 2012: The Sequel



When we last saw our s/hero, in August 2011, she was reluctantly leaving LA and returning to her beloved family and school in Atlanta.

With a top-notch manager and quality agent on her team, she kept busy throughout the Fall, skype-coaching, taping and uploading her auditions. Boundaries between Atlanta and LA agents were clarified. Bex was in business — miserable, but in business.

Pining for LA, Forensics class was the only reason she could see to be in Atlanta. Paideia fully supported her and worked with her as best they could (amazing, honestly!), and we began to prepare for “Pilot Season” and pilot camp, planning for Bex to be in LA with a parade of guardians for 10 weeks. Her trusted tutor, Caroline, carried the brunt of the final weeks of stress, though her siblings definitely ran a close second. Bex checked off a cardboard chart with the dates scribbled on it, and counted down to January 23.

day after day after day after day ....

Counting down days like a prisoner awaiting release!

There was drama throughout, of course: a call in December requesting Bex for a part on a Disney show if she could be there Jan. 5 (probably); a call on Jan. 3 saying, “oh, by the way, they changed the age on that part to 10-12 and she’s now too old for it.”  The planning, the preparations, the threats of cancellation (I confess).

But here we are, now, in LA, and Hollywood 2012 has begun…


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