TV Talk Shows & 2nd Season of Scream!


It’s been a busy week for Bex and the Bexicans, this week.

Scream was picked up for a second season (yay!), and to celebrate, Bex appeared on The John Kerwin Show (will let you know when it’s airing) and Hollywood Today Live. Check out the interview on HTL.

Bex on HTL - July 25 2015


We know we’re biased, but it’s adorable.

Special bonus question: what year was the Wilhelm Scream recorded?

Meet the Scream Team


(This is an excerpt from an MTV post:

These Are The People Who Will Make You ‘Scream’

Meet the cast and characters of MTV’s brand-new slasher series!

MTV’s adaptation of the famous “Scream” franchise may not star Neve Campbell or Drew Barrymore, but if its trailer is any indication, the small-screen version promises to bring edge-of-your-seat chills.

When the small town of Lakewood is rocked by the brutal murder of Nina Patterson (played by Bella Thorne in a throwback to Barrymore’s role), a YouTube video goes viral, and a group of teenagers are faced with the realization that Nina’s sudden death may be connected to another gruesome murder that occurred two decades prior. Can these high school students get to the bottom of the town’s troubled past before more lives are lost?

Get to know the cast and characters of the highly anticipated slasher series, and catch the premiere in all its gruesome glory on Tuesday, June 30 at 10/9c!

Audrey Jensen, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus


(Meet the rest of the cast at:

iZombie: the reviews (& Bex) rocked!


Did you catch Bex on iZombie this week?

If you did , you know that Bex, yet again, got some of the best lines. Here’s a favorite: “I’m not going to prison. Have you seen Orange Is The New Black? I’m not taking a shower wearing tampon sandals!

If you missed it, watch the full episode on CWTV!

The reviews have been glowing!

“‘Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat’ was easily one of the finest hours the series has churned out thus far, which is saying something considering how relatively strong this season has been as a whole.”

“‘What iZombie also managed to do this week is have a lot of comedy with an equal amount of horror … It can be difficult to strike a balance between horror and comedy, but [‘Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat’] pulled it off masterfully.”

with a penultimate episode as great as this one was, it has done a stellar job setting itself up for success.”
          Den Of Geek

Behind the Scenes

This video (with Bex in it) gives you a good overview of the penultimate episode: