It’s official, everyone! MTV picked up Scream!

Bex and the #ScreamTeam will be filming 10 episodes next Spring. The show will air in October 2015 … perfect timing for Bex’s favorite-ist holiday of the year!

For those of you who’ve known Bex for years, can you think of a better match for her? She’s going to get to live in the Halloween mindset — all year long!!
Here’s a little Hollywood story on the news:
And if you haven’t seen MTV’s official Twitter notification, yet, it’s worth a dial in…
MTV Announcement came via this tweet at 4:00pm on 28 Oct 2014

MTV Announcement came via this tweet at 4:00pm on 28 Oct 2014

Here’s Bex’s Instagram invitation to dial in…

Bex invites her Instagram fans to “ring in”

Don’t hold back, now, y’all … SCREAM it out!


By the way, here’s the ‘official blurb’  about Scream from MTV:
“MTV’s “Scream” is based on the hugely successful horror film franchise. It will reinvent the horror comedy franchise that spawned three sequels and unleashed “Ghostface” to a legion of unsuspecting fans.”


There’s more online:
Scream on (just the basics so far)
Scream on (not really fleshed out yet either)

Bex Taylor-Klaus is in the NEW YORK TIMES



Bex got some terrific ink in the Television section of the New York Times yesterday.

Bex Taylor-Klaus is in the New York Times!

A Twice-Killed Series Finally Ends It All
By MIKE HALE – JULY 31, 2014

Above all, “The Killing” was steadily one of the best-acted shows on television. Ms. Enos and, particularly, Joel Kinnaman as Holder have been superb, and they’ve been matched by Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton as the grieving parents in the first two seasons and by Bex Taylor-Klaus as the street kid Bullet in Season 3.


Bex Goes to Boarding School?


Watch Bex in Longmire on A&E
Monday night, June 9th at 10pm ET

LongmireOf Children & TravelersSeason 3, Episode 2

Longmire – Season 3, Episode 2 – “Of Children & Travelers”

Bex is playing Vivian: “16 years old and upper class, this pretty girl lives at the Eagle Rock Academy after almost …”

Nope! No more details.

You’ll have to watch Monday, June 9th at 10pm Eastern on A&E.


Bex is Making A Difference


Now, this is cool…

This weekend, Bex was invited by a brave little boy and his family to travel across the continent to Orlando, FL to participate in a celebrity charity event called:

Raising awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer, this event provided hope and inspiration for all. Bex got to hang out with her rockin’ 4 year old sponsor, Joshua Chambers ( and his family, and escort the very lovely Ysa Fernandez down the Runway to Hope!

If this inspires you to take action, contributions can be made to or Runway to Hope.

Nice job, Bex. That’s the way to make a difference!

TV Guide Notes Bex’s “Fast-Rising Career”


Hi y’all,

Here’s a fun one! At the end of his ‘Ask Matt’ column,’s Matt Roush acknowledges Bex’s ‘fast-rising career’…

QuestionMy question is about the girl who plays Sara and Roy’s friend on Arrow. Is she the same girl that played the homeless runaway on The Killing who kept bugging Holder, because I think they look alike. Either way, can you tell me the girl’s name. —Kim

Matt RoushYes, it’s the same young actress. Bex Taylor-Klaus, so memorable as the ill-fated Bullet on The Killing, is currently playing Sin on Arrow and can also be seen in the third season of Showtime’s House of Lies. This is what you’d call a fast-rising career.

You can check out the full article at:

Bex is currently in Vancouver filming episode 220 (season 2, episode 20) of Arrow, so we’ll have to wait to see her on CW for a while.

And if you’ve been trying to follow her on Showtime on House of Lies, and aren’t sure when she’s on, she’s already been in episodes 302, 303, 304, and 307. She’ll be on next week in episode 309. We’ll keep you posted after that!

That’s all for now — keep sourcing good stuff for Pilot Season!